1st Day of Preschool

It’s back to school time for us. Today all six of the little Seals started preschool. Brady started Pre-K 4 and the quints started Pre-K 2. I have had so many people ask the same general questions about how everything went for the Six Sweet Seals, so hopefully this post will answer all your questions. Of course the first day went in the classic Seals fashion, a few mishaps here and there. I’ll start with how our day went and then I’ll answer some FAQ’s.

The days leading up to today were crazy busy. I worked so hard to try to get my house in order and get as organized as I possibly could. For the most part, I did a pretty good job, and our morning went as smooth as you could expect it to with six kids under four. The quints woke up around their usual time, 6:30ish. I had all their medicines set out, I knew what breakfast food we were going to eat, and I had all their clothes and shoes out and ready to go. Getting them ready went great. Steven took a few hours off this morning to be here and see the kids off to school so it helped to have an extra person to coral the kids. They all six did well when I took their individual pictures, which was a pleasant surprise. However, getting a group picture really didn’t go so well. But, I’m happy with the cute individual pictures. My sister, Kristian, stopped by after she dropped my nephew off at school to see the kids and that’s when things got a little crazy. Gracie loves her Aunt Kris and she didn’t want to get in the van, she wanted to go with Aunt Kris. She had a screaming fit and I just knew things were going to be bad all the way to school and during drop off, but thankfully, she settled down quickly and did well. I took snacks with us so we could keep the kids happy in the van until the doors opened at school. We had plenty of help getting everyone out of the van and into the school building, but that’s when things got really interesting. It’s been raining here for a week now, and the ground is pretty wet. Well, Brady slipped on the sidewalk as we were walking to the school and fell right on his bum. His backside was covered in mud! I was so heartbroken to see that he ruined his super cute outfit, but was thankful he was okay, and we didn’t skip a beat. He got back up and we kept walking as quickly as possible. I didn’t want his slip to fluster everyone, so I stayed as calm as possible and just kept going. Steven took Brady to the restroom and got him cleaned up and changed him into his “extra” clothes. The quints went to their room with ease. The teachers had lots of toys out to play with and that kept them entertained. I made sure they were okay and then I quickly slipped out the door. I’ve learned in 7.5 years of teaching that it is so much easier on kids, teachers, and parents too if mama and dad will quickly leave once the child is settled. I found Steven and Brady in the hallway and we took Brady to his class. Unfortunately, Brant was running fever this morning and couldn’t go to school, so he got to hang out with me all morning. Overall, the kids did great for this first day. Of course, there is room for growth and maturity, but I’m very pleased at how well they did once I was gone. And from what I hear, no one shed a tear (not even mama!). Brant and I ran errands while the other 5 were at school. (Oh, and by the end of the day, Tessa was also in her extra pair of clothes because she spilled water on herself.)



  1. Where are they going to school?
    1. They are going to a Christian preschool. Brady went to this preschool last year when he was 3 and we loved it. The teachers were wonderful, the facility is nice, and best of all, it’s a christian learning environment.
  2. The quints are so young….
    1. Had you asked me 5 years ago if a two year old needed to go to school, I would have told you no in a heartbeat. I would have told you, let them be little. Fast-forward to today, and I just sent my two year olds to preschool…so what changed? A lot! Everything has changed since then. I sent Brady to Pre-K 3 last year because I wanted him to be around other kids his age and I wanted him to be in a christian learning environment, away from the quints. After I saw how well Brady did last year, I knew I wanted the same experience for the quints. This preschool only meets 3 days a week, for 3 hours a day. So they are only away from me a total of 9 hours a week. The quints (and Brady as well) will benefit from being around other kids their age, learning to respect other adults (their teachers), learning classroom policies and procedure, and just learning in general. So, yes, they are very young, but I see this as an amazing learning opportunity, in a christian environment, and a great way for them to learn to socialize with kids other than their siblings.
  3. How do you afford to send 6 kids to a christian preschool?
    1. So no one has come out and asked me this question, but I know many are wondering. First of all, Steven works very hard to provide for our family. We make lots of sacrifices now that we are on one income and have such a big family. The kids’ education is very important to us and we decided last year it was something we were going to budget and make possible for Brady. I wanted the quints to get to go to preschool this year but I knew we couldn’t afford to send all 6 kids. Back in February, I got a call from the Preschool Director asking me if I wanted to send the quints to preschool this year. I said yes, but didn’t think we could afford to, and that’s when she told me several members from the church wanted to pay the quints’ tuition. Talk about a blessing! It was a total shock to us that people (mostly strangers) would do something so amazing for our family. I have to say, the church where the kids go to preschool has been wonderful to our family. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful and loving church family at home and in surrounding communities.
  4. Where will Brady go to school next year?
    1. Brady will start to public school next year for kindergarten.
    2. This christian preschool only has classes for 2 year olds, 3 year olds, & 4 year olds.
  5. What is mama going to do with all this spare time?
    1. Y’all, I’m SOOOOO excited to be getting 9 hours a week all to myself!!!!! I plan to run errands, grocery shop, and do whatever my little heart desires.

Well, there you have it…our day had some mishaps but overall, it went very well. I’m so excited to see what all six kids learn this year. I can’t help but to think back to a little over 2 years ago when all the quints were in the NICU and fighting for their lives. I didn’t know if this day would ever come or even be possible. But here we are, with SIX healthy, happy, amazing kids. My heart is full of happiness and gratitude for the many blessings God has given me!

Here’s to a wonderful school year! I’m sure I will have an abundance of school stories to share!

Be blessed,


One thought on “1st Day of Preschool

  1. Paula WHitehorn

    So happy to hear all went well for the quints!!! Such a blessed family! I love reading your blog! Hugs from Autin, TX (From Paula Whitehorn, Tamara’s cousin)



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