Hello Monday!

Hey y’all!

What a week last week was for us. Not only was it the first week of Pre-K, but all six kiddos were sick too. Then, my little rascals, who hate to share anything, willingly shared their nasty virus with me. I have felt horrible this weekend. Thankfully after my fever broke yesterday, I felt much better, just dealing with a sore throat due to my throat being covered in sores. Now I know why the kids were so whinny last week. So, here’s to hoping we are all feeling better this week and the kids all have a great week at school.

And because I love a good quote/scripture…Here’s a great one to get our week started off right.

The Lord is greater

than the giants you face.

1 John 4:4

In the bottom pictures, Mia can put a diaper on her baby doll all by herself! She even tries to help me put diapers on her siblings and herself! She’s going to make a good mommy someday.

Be Blessed,


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