Update on the Six Sweet Seals

So on September 15, Brady celebrated his 1/2 birthday. And on September 18, the quints celebrated their 1/2 birthday. Now, we didn’t do anything big, I just like to keep up with it. Plus, it’s nice to know we’re halfway through the Terrible 2’s! Lord have mercy this has been a very trying 6 months! The Terrible 2’s are no joke when you have quintuplets! But, as always, we have lots of fun. All six kids keep us very busy and on our toes. They all continue to amaze us everyday. We are so thankful to be Brady, Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, and Rayleigh’s parents. They bring us so much joy, happiness, and most of all, love. We have a wild and crazy lif

e with a 4.5 year old and FIVE 2.5 year olds, but honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brady- 4 ½ Years Old

  • He can dress himself.
  • He asks all the time if we love him. Unfortunately, Brant doesn’t understand what he’s asking and every time he asks Brant if he loves him, Brant says no. Brady has learned to just laugh at him.
  • He is very particular about everything. Everything has to be in its place or he gets upset.
  • He loves to feed our pet fish.
  • He loves to get the mail.
  • He doesn’t like to be outside for long periods of time. He doesn’t like to be hot.
  • He loves to watch tv.
  • He is playing soccer.
  • He is a picky eater (staples: oatmeal, pizza, cereal, and Chick-fil-A).
  • He has a new job around the house, he now is in charge of folding the wash clothes.
  • He runs fast.
  • He can ride his bike.
  • He is a boy on the go. If we have visitors, he wants to go home with them.
  • He does not like to share.
  • He tells me “you’re crazy” all the time. That’s his new favorite phrase along with “gravy”.
  • He cannot/won’t wear shoes and socks in the car.
  • He must take his pillow, blanket, and monkey on car rides.

School Update:

  • His best friend is Ryleigh. They have gone to church together since they were babies and they are now in Pre-K4 together. He loves to play on the playground with her.
  • He loves to go to school.
  • He likes his new teachers.
  • He does not like to color. He just scribbles on everything.
  • His favorite color is every color.


Mia- 2 ½ Years Old

  • She hates to wear clothes.
  • She can dress herself.
  • She can climb over our fences and out of her bed.
  • She is tough as nails.
  • She’s mischeivious.
  • She’s sneaky.
  • She’s funny.
  • She’s tiny. She has tiny feet.
  • Her hair is curly. And she doesn’t like to wear her hair up, so it’s usually in her eyes.
  • She’s a pretty good sleeper at night.
  • She asks me all the time, “what you doing?”
  • She wakes up early every morning.
  • She still has her g-tube but is doing well with taking food and drinks by mouth.
  • She still gets occupational and speech therapy.
  • She is a big helper.
  • She can change a baby dolls diaper and tries to help with the other siblings.

School Update:

  • She loves school.
  • She loves to climb on everything at school.


Tessa- 2 ½ Years Old

  • She loves puppies. We have a couple of shirts that have puppies on them and that’s the only shirts she wants to wear.
  • She talks all the time!
  • She loves to sing.
  • She is very loud; she has a voice that carries.
  • She’s funny.
  • I love to hear her laugh.
  • She’s a great sleeper but she has nightmares on a regular basis. She takes great naps! She usually takes the longest naps.
  • She usually sleeps the latest in the mornings.
  • She still gets occupational therapy.
  • She eats very well.
  • She’s a mama bird- she points her finger and tries to boss everyone. She says “no-no” all the time.
  • She likes to cross her arms and walk without holding her sibling’s hands.
  • She does duck lips all the time, but especially when she’s mad.
  • She loves to cheer (she’s always saying “Go Cardinals”).
  • She loves to preach.

School Update:

  • She loves school.


Brant- 2 ½ Years Old

  • He loves bubbles.
  • He loves to play with balls. He will hit them, kick them, throw them.
  • He can climb over our fences, out of the bed, and into our refrigerator.
  • He loves to play with Brady.
  • He’s a little charmer.
  • He loves to go. If someone comes over to visit, he wants to go home with them.
  • His favorite word is no. And he says it with lots of attitude! (Insert me rolling my eyes.)
  • He refuses to take naps in his crib. He sleeps on the couch. And we have to make him sleep in his crib at night. He usually ends up on the couch before the night is over.
  • He wakes up super early every morning.
  • He does not get any therapies; he graduated from everything this summer.
  • He is the biggest (and best) talker. You can pretty much have a full conversation with him.
  • When he is watching TV he is zoned out (just like his mama). He loves Toy Story, Curious George, and Mickey Mouse.
  • He loves to dance (especially when the band is playing at football games).

School Update:

  • He cries when I drop him off but quickly recovers once I leave.
  • He climbs on all the furniture at school.


Gracie- 2 ½ Years Old

  • She is my best eater out of all my kids. She isn’t picky and she eats a lot.
  • She loves cheese.
  • She is a total Daddy’s Girl. All.day.long is asking for him or cries for him.
  • She loves her Aunt Kristian. If she’s not with her Daddy then she wants to be with Aunt Kris.
  • She’s funny.
  • She can climb out of her crib.
  • She can climb over our fences.
  • She is loud.
  • She can throw a huge fit if something doesn’t go her way.
  • She’s very stubborn.
  • She’s fast.
  • She wakes up super early every morning.
  • She does not get any therapies.
  • She loves her Minion pajamas.
  • She’s really funny and has the silliest laugh.

School Update:

  • She loves school and is doing well.


Rayleigh- 2 ½ Years Old

  • She is quiet but very mischievous.
  • She’s sneaky; I used to think the other kids were teaming up against her, but not anymore, I’ve come to realize she usually strikes first and they retaliate.
  • She has the most pitiful cry.
  • She is a Mama’s Girl.
  • She loves to wear jeans with pockets. She will walk around with her hands in her pockets.
  • She loves her WabbaNub Elephant (without the pacifier).
  • She still has her g-tube but rarely uses it.
  • She still gets speech therapy.
  • She has a very innocent look about her, but don’t let her fool you…
  • She is dramatic.
  • She likes to dance.
  • She’s a good sleeper, once she goes to sleep.
  • She’s got the cutest little grin.

School Update:

  • She loves school.
  • She’s gotten into the most trouble out of all my kids. (She is sneaky…)



Be blessed,


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