Hello Monday! (Only 3 Days Late)

Hey y’all! Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Saturday, Brady had another soccer game. I’m so excited to say he did so much better this week. He actually ran with the crowd finally, instead of standing in the middle of the field. It was a great improvement from last week! I hope he’s starting to get the idea of what he’s supposed to do. Thanks to the nice weather we’ve been enjoying, the kids have been playing outside almost all day long. I’m loving this nice fall weather and I hope it stays around for a while before it gets really cold.

Funny Brady Story: Are you in need of a good laugh? Brady and I had the funniest conversation yesterday morning, and it went like this….

Brady: You were in the hospital yesterday.

Me: No I wasn’t.

Brady: You were a long time ago.

Me: Yes I was.

Brady: Me and Daddy would come see you.

Me: You sure did.

Brady: Why were you in the hospital?

Me: I had a belly full of babies.

Brady: Why did you eat our babies?

Me: (laughing) I didn’t eat them, God put them in there.

Kids! They say the darnest things sometimes.

Sunday, my girls wore some very special dresses to church. These dresses weren’t expensive name brands or boutique dresses, they were from made from my grandfather’s church shirts (Bobby Robinson). He never knew about the quints, he passed away about 4 months before I got pregnant with them. I often think about what he would have said when we broke the news about expecting quintuplets, I can just hear him saying, “girl, I don’t know how you’re going to do it”. But he would have been one very proud Great-grandpa. To me, the best things in life can’t be bought. Papa’s Dresses are priceless and will forever be cherished.


Gracie Lou


Mia Danielle


Rayleigh Ann


Tessa Suzanne

Today, the weather was perfect for a walk at the park, so I indulged. It was 30 minutes of pure bliss and quietness. Just what this mama needed. I love, love, love my family, but I can’t tell you how much a cherish the quiet moments. I love when I get to be outside to enjoy God’s beautiful creation without having to talk or chase someone. There’s just something about a gentle breeze dancing across your face and the warmth of the sun on your skin to make you exhale and remember that everything is going to be okay.

Prayer Request: Brant has been sick for 2 months. He complains, on a daily basis, that his ear hurts. He’s been on 2 rounds of antibiotics, which hasn’t really helped. It has been breaking my heart to see him so miserable. Plus, he’s missed a lot of school because he runs a fever, and even though I’m pretty certain it’s his ears every time, I can’t take the chance of him having some kind of illness that could spread to his classmates. So, yesterday I took him to see the ENT doctor and his left ear tube has needs to be replaced. Also, the doctor said he needed to have his adenoids removed as well. So, next Thursday, Oct. 13, my sweet baby boy is going to have surgery to get a new tube and adenoids removed. While this is not a “major” surgery, it’s still a surgery and always brings about some anxiety to this mama. So please say some prayers this week for Brant, the doctor & medical staff, and mama & daddy too! We would greatly appreciate it! And I promise to keep you posted on how he does.

Brant…. I’m so sorry you inherited your mama’s ears, nose, and throat issues. 😦

And I know I’m totally bias but man he is so cute! Looks just like his Daddy. 🙂

Be blessed,







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