Pink Out & Big Changes at the Seals House

Hey y’all! Welcome back! We’ve been busy at the Seals house. This past Friday was Pink Out day for our neck of the woods, so our whole family wore pink and supported some very special ladies in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Friday morning, we loaded everyone up and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Afterwards, we took the kids to the mall to play in the play area while Daddy ran some errands. They love getting out and doing fun stuff. I’m so glad they are finally to the age where we can do fun stuff with them, even if it is really hard work. We have had so much fun playing outside and enjoying all this beautiful fall weather. It is finally actually feeling like fall here in Texas and I am loving it. The temperature is perfect and the kids play outside for hours every day. I’m hoping this weather will stick around for several weeks before it turns cold. Brady had another soccer game this weekend. His team won! And Brady has decided he just wants to be a coach! {Insert eye roll here.} He did play and he did run but he was usually running away from the ball and away from where all the kids were. Bless his heart, he just doesn’t get it. But he’s participating and that is really all that matters to us.

So we’re going through lots of changes lately. I told you last week that Brant was having surgery this week to get a tube in his ear and adenoids out, well that has been changed to October 27. So that means Brant is going to get to participate in all the fun activities we have planned this weekend after all, which makes me happy. The Race for the Cure walk is this weekend so we’re really excited to get to participate in that and to see our friend Paula. We have an awesome team and we always have so much fun celebrating Paula beating cancer. Brady has another soccer game this weekend so as soon as the Race is over, we’ll be loading up and heading to the soccer field. And this Sunday is a special Friends and Family Day at church and I’m really excited to see so many people who I don’t get to see on a regular basis. It’s going to be a weekend jammed packed with fun, friends, and family!

Another BIG change that is happening right now is we have officially taken down our “baby” gates around the house (except the one around the fire place). Yes, I know, you are thinking we have lost our minds, and you’re probably right, we probably have, but the gates were no longer effective so they had to go. The only kids that couldn’t get over the gates were Tessa and Rayleigh so it’s really not much different now added them two to the other four that were always getting out with ease. We have been busy “quint-proofing” the house all weekend and so far, they are staying out of trouble. And I am so happy that I don’t have to step over those fences anymore! I tripped over them on a daily basis and it was so frustrating. On a positive note, the house feels so much bigger now! It is crazy how one little change can make such a big difference.


Bye-bye baby gates…for-e-ver!!!!

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel.


These two… 🙂


Family Photo

Please keep my sweet friends, Jenny and Buffy, in your prayers. Both recently found out they have breast cancer and both are in the beginning stages of treatments and procedures. They are both amazing women and I just want as many people as possible to surround them with love and prayers! And trust me friends, prayers work, just look at the six kids in this post and you will see that prayers really work! So pray, please!!!!

Fun at the mall!

Fun at the park!


5 years ago we announced we were expecting Brady!!! I can’t believe has been 5 years! What a blessed mama I am!!!! Love him so, so, so, so much!


The kids’ Halloween bags make me so happy!

Be blessed!



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