Hump Day Humor

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Hump Day Humor post. Besides being really busy, I’ve been forgetting to save my funny pictures for this day and would end up posting them with some of my other posts leaving me with no pictures to share. Thankfully, this week I made a conscience effort to save the cute/funny pictures for this post. So, enjoy!

Rayleigh…our little superhero and fashionista!

Tessa has the best duck lips. We get to see them often because she makes them every time she’s mad.


My little superhero was tired (Brant).

I am speechless when it comes to Mia…she’s a mess!

You see a cute little kid playing in some powder. I see a little stinker who has made a big mess that mamaΒ has to clean up as well as money down the drain because this isn’t just any powder, this is expensive prescription powder we add to their food to add calories. {Insert eye roll here.}

Be blessed,


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