Hump Day Humor

Hey y’all! It’s already Wednesday again…which means this work week is halfway over.

I’m always talking about how busy the kids keep us, but they also keep us laughing. I try really hard to take as many pictures as possible of the funny stuff, and even the not-so-funny stuff (at the moment) because those moments usually end up being some of the funniest and most memorable. I want to remember all these little moments that make my life so amazing. And I hope that by sharing these moments with you that you will see just how crazy, hard, and funny our life with 1 + quints really is…I never want to mislead you into thinking it’s easy and always full of fun things but I also think it’s so important to see how even the mishaps make our life complete.

So, here’s your weekly dose of Six Sweet Seals funnies…

These kids have a ton of toys yet they always like to get into the stuff they shouldn’t be in… And by the way, just because there’s always someone who has to make a crazy comment, no there is no water in the mop bucket! 😉

Chocolate is what gets me through the day. Some people live on coffee, but I live on chocolate…. Well, this is my view every time I grab a piece of chocolate now days. Do these kids not know I’m am eating chocolate for their health and well-being????                            (Just kidding….sort-of….lol) 🙂


Daddy’s little helper… Gracie Lou is such a Daddy’s Girl


I was changing a dirty diaper in the living room….and this is what happens. You can’t turn your back on them for one second!

Be blessed,


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