Hello Tuesday!

Hey y’all!

Last week was wild and crazy; Steven was in California so that left me all alone with our six munchkins. But as always, my amazing support system stepped in and helped me out. I am such a blessed girl to have so many people love me and my kids.

This weekend I was in clean out mode. Steven got home last Thursday night so on Friday, I cleaned out our room. I got rid of so many baby clothes, four bags full to be exact, we had so much clutter and I couldn’t stand it any longer. It feels so good to have a clean and somewhat decluttered room and bathroom.

Shelley took the boys on a field trip to the dairy on Thursday to let them see how cows are milked. They had fun. On Friday, Mia got to get away with Nana and Kristian. As you can see, she loves to shop.

We skipped Brady’s soccer game this weekend. The Baylor NICU Reunion was Saturday and we’ve been looking forward to going back to seeing some of our nurses and doctors for a while now. It was so awesome to see and catch up with some of my most favorite people in the whole world. I’m going to do a separate post on the reunion in a few days.

Be blessed,


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