Halloween 2016

And just like that, it’s November! This Halloween was a good one. Our family dressed up as the Cat in the Hat this year and all the kids looked adorable. Brady was the Cat, Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie and Rayleigh were Things 1-5 (and of course they were in birth order), Steven was the fish in the fishbowl, and my friend Holly gave me a shirt that says Mother of All Things.

Our first Halloween function was Trunk or Treat at the church. The kids got dressed up and we had so much fun playing games and eating.

The kids’ Halloween parties at school went well. They got to dress in their Halloween costumes for the day. They were all super excited to see Daddy, he took off work to come have some Halloween fun.

After we got home from the school party, I got our pumpkin out and carved it for the kids. It was my first pumpkin to carve all by myself and boy was it a workout! The kids enjoyed it. Gracie was actually trying to eat the raw pumpkin (that girl will eat anything).

Thankfully all the kids took a good nap and when they woke up, my mom came over and helped me get them dressed to go trick or treating. We actually got out of our van and walked part of a neighborhood. They had a good time.

Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween. I won’t lie, I’m kind-of glad it’s over….out of all the holidays, Halloween is my least favorite. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can’t believe the holiday season is upon us already! It makes me happy!

Be blessed,



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