Hello Monday!

Hey y’all!

Guess what?!?!? We’re only hours away from this dreaded Presidential Election! Woohoo!!! I’m so ready for all this fighting and bickering to be over. No matter who wins, I’m just ready to move on. Tomorrow I will head to the polls to vote. Like many others, I’m not fond of either candidate but I’m so thankful I have the right and privilege to vote and I will take advantage of that right! One of my friends posted the following quote on Facebook this morning and I thought it was perfect, “No matter which party holds office, our God still holds the world.” This is so true and gives me so much peace and comfort in the days, weeks, and years to come.

This weekend was very low-key for us. We didn’t do much of anything other than run errands, clean, and go to church. Friday was the last football home game and our Cardinals are undefeated District Champs! Brady and the other Bleacher Creatures got to run out on the football field one last time. Watching him run across the field was so hysterical. Afterwards he told he was wasn’t doing it again next year. My boy does not like to run.

Here’s a few pictures….Enjoy!

Be Blessed,


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