Hello Monday! (only one day late)

Hey y’all! Hope you had a great weekend! Ours was low-key. Steven did get our Christmas lights up on the house! I’m so excited because last year we didn’t even get around to putting up the outside lights. Now, we won’t turn them on until the day after Thanksgiving, but I did get a sneak peak last night and they look pretty. I’m getting so excited about Christmas, but have not even started my Christmas shopping yet! I’m hoping to find some good Black Friday sales.

I took Mia and Rayleigh to Dallas Friday to the GI doctor and I was really hoping Rayleigh was going to get her g-tube out but because it’s winter time (cold & flu season) and she hadn’t gained any weight since her last weigh in, she didn’t get it removed. I was a little bummed, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. We will do whatever we need to do to make sure the kids are healthy and thriving. So, maybe in March, (that’s when we go back to the GI doctor), she’ll get it out. With that being said, both girls are doing well and we didn’t have any changes, just got to keep trying to fatten them up. Please continue to pray for R & M, that they will eat, gain weight, and hopefully get their tubes out in the next few months.

This presidential election was the quint’s first election so I had to take some pictures of them in front of the television before they went to bed.

Our Cardinals won their first playoff game Friday. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to the game because of the doctor appointment; I really didn’t feel up to two trips to Dallas in one day, so I’m very excited we advanced to the second round of the playoffs so I can go watch! Congratulation to all the guys!

Steven didn’t plant a garden this year; he was too busy with work, kids, and school, however, we have a garden full of watermelons! They came up on their own. Most are not edible but a few have been okay. The kids have enjoyed helping him pick and cut open the watermelons and eating from the good ones.

Be Blessed,


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