Thanksgiving Week

Hey y’all! It’s Thanksgiving week! I seriously can’t believe Thanksgiving is just the day after tomorrow. We have enjoyed being off from school and having so many of our family members home (most of our family works in the school setting). The kids have enjoyed getting out of the house and visiting with everyone. Tomorrow night everyone will come over here for a Mexican feast and games. We always have the best time when the whole family is together.

Last Thursday was Wold Prematurity Day so of course I had to show off my 29 weekers (and big brother too).


Last Friday, the Cardinals won the second round of the football playoffs and are Area Champs! So proud of our guys, they all played a great game! On to round 3!

So something big happened this weekend at our house; the boys are officially room mates. We bought a full size bed for them to share and they now sleep together. Brant doesn’t like going to sleep but once he is asleep they do fine. I’ll post pictures of the room makeover once I have everything just the way I want it.


Saturday was our first Thanksgiving meal with Steven’s family. It was nice to visit and let everyone see the kids.

I took Brant, Gracie, Rayleigh, and Mia to the ENT doctor yesterday. All four of them have tubes in their ears and it was time to have the tubes checked out and make sure they were still working properly. Thankfully everyone’s ears looked good but Rayleigh’s tonsils are really large, so large that the ENT doc said we needed to get them out so next Thursday she will have surgery to have her tonsils and adenoids removed so please keep her in your prayers.

Here’s a few random, yet funny pictures to put a smile on your face.

Tomorrow I plan to take you on a home tour of our Thanksgiving decorations. I plan to put our Christmas tree up this weekend….that should be interesting.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Be blessed,


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