Hello Tuesday

Hey y’all! I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was low-key. Rayleigh is recovering from her tonsil/adenoid surgery wonderfully. She’s been the best patient. We haven’t let her leave this house this weekend because we don’t want her to have any set backs. In fact, she can’t go to school this week either. Which means, she and I get to spend lots of one-on-one time together while the other 5 are in school. Unfortunately, it’s suppose to be cold and rain all week so that’s going to make running my errands that much harder since Rayleigh will be tagging along, but I’m sure we’ll manage. Here’s a few things we did this weekend.

So Thursday was Rayleigh’s surgery and on Friday I ended up in the ER with Brady. Unfortunately for him, I (unknowingly) closed his fingers in one of our doors in the house. I felt awful! It just makes me cringe thinking about how bad I hurt him. We didn’t think his fingers were broken, but we wanted to make sure and have that peace of mind. He did so good at the hospital. Once I convinced him that he was not getting a shot he was fine. I made sure before I left home that I got a blanket (because it’s always cold in the hospital), snacks (because you never know how long you’ll be there), and water. We got in a room quickly and as soon as he sat down I turned on the tv and he sat and ate his snacks and watched tv the whole time. He was in hog heaven. He did so good when the lady took his x-ray and she even let us take a look. He thought it was neat looking at his bones (and I was happy to see for myself that nothing was broken). So….no Mother of the Year Award for me this year. 😦    I feel terrible for hurting Brady, even though it was an accident. But I have to say, I’m so proud of how he handled the situation. He easily forgave me. He wasn’t mad or even upset with me, in fact in the car he told me it was ‘just bad luck’. I got a little giggle out of that comment. I sure love my big guy and I’m so thankful he is so quick to forgive others.

I worked at the church Saturday and the kids all went separate ways with various family members. I’m so thankful we have a big family that like to spend time with the kids and take them places. All six of our kiddos love to get out of the house and visiting their grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins.

So Sunday night around 11pm Brady woke up screaming and crying. He’d vomited in bed and it was everywhere. Once we got everything cleaned up and got him and Brant settled back down in our room everyone went back to sleep while I laid in bed thinking ‘oh great, here we go…the dreaded stomach virus’. I kept all the kids home from school yesterday just to be safe but thankful Brady never got sick again. I guess he either coughed too much and that caused him to vomit or he ate something that didn’t agree with his belly. Whatever the case, I’m so thankful it wasn’t the dreaded stomach virus. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here’s a few pictures from the past few days.

Well that about wraps up our weekend….

Be blessed,


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