Life Lately

Our life lately can be summed up with two words…..POTTY TRAINING! Yes my friends, we have started the daunting task of potty training the quints. This is Day 5 of our potty training journey. It has been a rough couple of days but with that being said, we are seeing improvement so we are very excited about that. I am going to do a blog specifically on our potty training journey once we’re successful so stayed tune. I’m hopeful that they will get it down within the next week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Prayers for patience would be greatly appreciated!

Be blessed,



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  1. Oh, Michelle, you do have my prayers for patience. Tough duty. You do have the perfect home for potty training 5 though…..all that tile! Just close doors and keep the herd contained in rooms with the tile until all have a grip on this potty thing. Carpet is the pits during such even with just one child.
    Prayers and good luck!.

    1. Yes, our whole house is tile and we are so grateful for that, especially right now. So far, they are doing well. Just got to remember to be patient! We will get there! Thank you for your encouragement! 🙂

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