Potty Training Update: Week 1

Well, tomorrow marks one week since we started potty training the quints. There have been moments of hope, moments where I’m excited about the possibility of being so close to not having accidents anymore, and then it happens….someone will pee in their pants (I’ve walked through several puddles of pee today) or someone will hide and poop in their undies or on the floor behind the chair and then come tell me afterwards. It is the most frustrating stage that we have been through, so far. I know we’re closer today than we were a week ago, I just hope they start catching on and fast!

Here’s a breakdown on how each one is doing so far:

Mia– She has done fairy well. She doesn’t poop in the potty but overall, she’s doing good.

Tessa– She’s getting better. She started off not doing as well as her sisters but she’s made lots of progress over the past week.

Brant– I’ve always heard boys are harder to potty train. And trying to train Brady was a nightmare so I didn’t have high expectation for Brant either…and he has not disappointed. He’s had the hardest time of all 5. But with that being said, we are seeing improvements and that’s encouraging. He’s starting to tell me when he needs to go to the potty so I’m very thankful for that.

Gracie– She is doing well. She is the only one that will poop in the potty. But when she gets mad, she’ll make herself pee in her pants which is so frustrating.

Rayleigh– She has being doing so well until today and I don’t know what happened but she’s pooped 3 times, she smeared poop all over herself, bed, and walls during nap time today. I’m hoping she’s just having an off day and tomorrow will be much better.

So as you can expect, it’s been a frustrating and exhausting week. I know, many of you are thinking, just quit and do it another day or just train one at a time. Well, trust me, I’d like to quit, but I’m not. I’m not starting this process over again. We’ve survived this first week, which has been pretty bad, so we will keep on keeping on until we have mastered this task. They are ready, I know they are. They can do this, I know they can. We will get there, it just may take a lot longer than I’d like.

So this is what I was dealing with today!

Keep praying for patience! We need lots and lots of patience!

Be blessed,


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