January Art

If you’ve followed me long, then you know how much I love hand/foot print art. I did it when I was a teacher and now I enjoy doing it with my own kiddos. I have a canvas for every season. I get excited every time I get to change out my canvases. Since I have a canvas for each season, I decided that for this year, I was going to make a small canvas for each month for each kid. I want to make sure we do some individual art projects so the kids will have something of their own someday.

For January, I did snowmen and snow princesses. They turned out so cute!


**And I want to say a special thank you to my amazing and talented friend “Tom” that does 99% of the artwork on all our canvases. She is amazing and I wouldn’t have all these special keepsakes without her help. Thank you Tom, we love you and thank you for always making our canvases cute.**

Be blessed,



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