Crafting with the Seals

I love doing arts and crafts. I hope my kids grow up to enjoy crafting with me, well, at least a few of them. We have so many hand/foot print canvases around our house. And we are currently working on making individual canvases for each month this year. I can’t wait to show you our April canvases.

So for Easter last year, I found some white Easter eggs that you can paint. I’m not really sure what material they are, they aren’t plastic and they aren’t cardboard, but they are prefect for painting (and they will last). So we paint each kid an egg in “their” color for the background, then we let them paint on top of the background color. I use the background colors to help me identify which egg belongs to which kid. (Brady- blue, Mia- green, Tessa- purple, Brant- orange, Gracie- pink, and Rayleigh- yellow.) After the paint dries I write their name, year, and age on the bottom of the egg. I love me little basket of painted eggs. It won’t take too many more years before the basket will be full. This is a fun and cheap little tradition that I look forward to for many years to come. 

As always, a special thank you goes to Tom for all her help on our painting activities. 🙂

Be blessed,



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