Our Busy Weekend 

Is it Friday yet? Because I’m still exhausted from my birthday weekend. We were so busy and the kids are way off their schedule, needless to say, I had to deal with some grumpy kids yesterday morning. 😩

Thursday night we were at the ballpark watching our favorite t-baller. We had the late game which put us getting home late. ⚾️

​Friday we were back at the ballpark watching our favorite baseball player. Our high school team is in the playoffs and they won the first round game. So proud of all the Cardinals. This was the first playoff game for the quints and they did great and had lots of fun playing with all their little friends. We love watching Gage!!!!⚾️

Saturday morning was slow and boring but Saturday night was a blast with Mexican food and bowling with the family. #37🎂🎁🎳🌮

Sunday was church followed by 2 birthday parties in 2 different towns!!! We went to Kimber’s party first then made it to Chloe and Kinley’s birthday parties. Then we planted some flowers and our front porch is looking so pretty and ready for summer! That night we enjoyed steaks at Kayla’s house.


It was a fun and extremely busy weekend but we made it! This time of the year is always hectic. The kids have this week and one more week of school and then we will be done for the summer!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

I’m looking forward to having the days completely free so we can enjoy the beautiful summer weather and play outside in the water. 🌞🌺🐠👙😎


Be blessed,


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