Random Pictures 

I have a ton of pictures that are too cute not to share so here you go….Enjoy! 😀

Mama & Mia

Mia & Rayleigh– Mia’s smirk is the best thing ever!!! 😂

Brady wanted his picture taken too and they girls were a little smushed.

Brady, my little scientist.

Brady and Ms. Nichole

I sure love my big guy.

Brady, Gracie, and Brant covering up with towels.

Tessa is my girly-girl.

My lap is usually always occupied. ❤️

Brant’s too sexy for his shirt. 😂

And yes, Brady is always just in his underwear and you know what, that’s okay with me. You’re only little once. 👍🏻👍🏻

Mia is my silly girl. 💗

Mia and Rayleigh. So much sweetness in one picture. 💗💗

I just love Gracie’s big eyes. 💗

This kid cracks me up!

Tessa with about 50 million clippies in her hair. But she loved it and kept it like this all day long.

Gracie loves her sunglasses. 😎

Well, I guess it’s easy to see that I’m completely smitten with these six precious souls. I’m so thankful God chose me to be their mama.


Be blessed,



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