Who Looks Like Who–Part 2

So…seems like yesterday’s post on who the kids look like throughly confused some people and well seems like no one agrees on who looks like who. So, I’m just going to make it even more confusing today and show you some pictures of my sisters. I’m the oldest, Kayla is my middle sister, and Kristian is my youngest sister.

Left to right: Me, Kristian, Kayla

Back left to right: me (with the best 80’s hair ever) and Kayla
Sitting: Kristian

Kayla, Kristian, & Me

Kayla, Kristian, & Me

Me & Kayla

Me & Kristian

Left to right: Kayla (looking very lady like), Me, & Kristian

So I think Gracie looks like Kayla.
And Tessa looks like Kristian.

Your turn!

Be blessed,


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