Rayleigh’s Homecoming Day!

Saturday we celebrated Rayleigh’s NICU Homecoming. She was our last baby home and the day we left the NICU for the last time was bitter sweet. I was so thankful to have five healthy babies, so happy to finally have everyone under one roof and together, but at the same time I was scared of having 5 tiny, medically fragile babies under my care, and I was sad to say goodbye to our beloved NICU nurses. But as with all things in life, time keeps marching on and we have to move on and live life to the fullest.

Rayleigh is the baby of the family, and she owns that description well. She lets her siblings baby her and take care of her. She’s a mama girl for sure. She’s sweet and so adorable.

Happy Homecoming Day Rayleigh Ann!
Be blessed,


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