1st Day of School

Well this day finally arrived, and to be honest, I’m glad it’s here because I’m tired of worrying about it. So far, our first day back to school has gone wonderfully.

We got the kids in bed by 8pm and were so proud of ourselves, but that was short lived because Mia, Gracie, and Rayleigh all had a rough night, which means Steven and I had a rough night. 😩 But because today was such a big day, I’ve been able to deal with the exhaustion. I really hope tonight is a much better night, but I fear it will take a week or more for them to get used to our new bed time routine.

This morning went well but none of the kids had much of an appetite. I think everyone was so excited to go to school. Steven took off for a couple of hours to go with me to take the kids to school. Brady has to be at school around 7:40 so we took him first and Meme & Tom stayed home with the quints. Then we took the quints to school. Everyone did well and I’m excited to hear how their day went.

Brady — Kindergarten






The Quints — Pre-K 3

So I guess a few of you are wondering if I cried when we left Brady at school, yes, I did, but it wasn’t too bad and he didn’t realize it, and now I’m fine…

When I picked up the quints and asked them what they did, they all said, went to the gym! So apparently their favorite subject is recess/PE. When we asked what they learned, they said, I don’t know.

All in all, day one has been a great success!

Here’s to a great school year!!🍎
Be blessed,


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