Mid-Week Update on School

This first week of school has gone really well, until Tuesday afternoon when Brant felt really hot and I checked his temperature and it was 101.4*. I’m thinking (and hoping) he’s got an ear infection. We’ve started ear drops and I’m hoping that works. If not, he’ll have to go to the doctor. He stayed home from school yesterday because he was still running fever. Thankfully he’s much better this morning.
Other than that little hiccup, this week has gone amazing well. I have been able to stay organized, which has helped tremendously. We have been on time every day. It’s really going much smoother than I expected.
Brady is loving kindergarten. He cracks me up when he talks about his day. Β And the quints are loving preschool. Everyone is behaving themselves, which makes me so happy! All six of them agree that recess is their favorite subject.

Quotes from Brady’s first week:Β 
“School takes a long time.” (meaning it’s a long day)
“School has the awesomeness playground ever!” (he loves recess)
“Why do I have to go back?” (he doesn’t understand why he has to go today and the quints are staying home)
As well this week has gone, I’m am sooooo exhausted. The quints are not sleeping well at night, at all. I feel like I did when they were babies, completely exhausted and just running on fumes. This new schedule is hard to get used to but I know I’ll figure it out (and hopefully they will too) and it will start getting better. This morning I was thinking about when the quints go to public school and I have to get all six of them ready and to school by 7:45am. That is going to be hard! So I’m going to enjoy this year of just having to get Brady to school by 7:45am.
Here are a few pictures from our first week.

I’ve had several people ask what I’m doing with all my extra kid-free time. The quints go to school 3 days a week for 3 hours so that gives me a grand total of 9 hours of freedom. Once I drop them off, my first stop is to go walk. Getting back into shape and exercising was one of my goals for 2017 and I’m so proud to say, I’ve stuck with my goal. After I walk, I usually go to Starbucks and get a hot chocolate, I just can’t help myself, it’s my one guilty pleasure and I love it! Then I run my errands. I buy groceries and take care of whatever business has to be done. If I need a haircut or need to make a doctors appointment, I make them during these 9 hours so I don’t have to take the kids or find a babysitter. This is also when I do most of my blogging. I haven’t done it this week because I had so many errands, but I’m hoping next week will be calmer and I can do a little more relaxing rather than running all over the place like a crazy woman.

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