Weekend Update

Y’all, my heart has been so heavy this weekend. First of all, the girls are all sick. They have been stuck inside all weekend. Brant is feeling better and I think Gracie, Mia, and Rayleigh are getting better. Right now, Tessa is the sickest. I’m am hoping the girls are going to feel better very soon. They all ran fever yesterday so that means they couldn’t go to school today. Please keep them in your prayers!
Watching everything that’s going on in south Texas with Hurricane Harvey is breaking my heart. I have family and friends that live around the Houston area and I’ve been so worried about them all weekend. Thankfully, my loved ones are safe. Please continue to keep all those affected by this terrible storm in your prayers.
Also, this weekend a sweet family suffered an unimaginable loss of their newborn daughter. My heart hurts for this precious family and I can’t imagine what they are going through right now, so please keep them in your prayers.

Today starts the second week of school, unfortunately the quints have to stay home due to fever. Brady has enjoyed having the weekend off. He has spent time with his grandparents. We are all so proud of how well he did the first week of school.

He was not happy with me this morning so this what I get for trying to snap a quick picture before we left for school.

Brady’s work from last week is proudly displayed in the hallway.

I did a little organizing this weekend.



Steven and I got to get away Saturday night for a few hours, but Miss Gracie insisted going with us. She loved having all our attention and was an angel the whole time we were out.

I’m praying this week will be a little better than this weekend. I’m praying all the kids will sleep better. I’m praying they will start feeling better. And I’m praying we can get used to our new school schedule.

Be blessed,


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