Weekend Recap

Hey y'all! Happy Labor Day!

Thought I'd do a little catching up today on what's been happening with us lately. So the kids have completed 2 weeks of school and everyone loves it and is doing well. They all love their teachers and are doing well making friends. I'm so please with how well they are doing. And I'm pleased with how well I've been able to stay organized. So far, we've not had an issue with breakfast or getting ready for school. And we've been on time! 

Thursday our Cardinal football team had its first football game. The kids enjoyed the pep rally.

Friday I took Gracie for an appointment with a pediatric surgeon. He decided that she will have to have surgery to close the hole in her belly where her g-tube once was. I don't know when the surgery will take place, I'm waiting on the hospital to call and schedule, but I'm hoping it will be in the next couple of weeks. I'm so ready to get it over.

This weekend I worked at the church getting my classroom ready for the new quarter and Steven stayed home with the kiddos. That night we went out to eat.

Sunday was church and out to celebrate my mom's birthday. That night we enjoyed dinner with our friends the Cunningham's. 

It was a great weekend. Here's some pictures…

The first pep rally of the season!!🏈

Snuggles with Brady before school.

Gracie did great at her appointment.

Dallas traffic 😩😖🙄

The quints made summer trees at school, therefore we have a forest. 🌳🌳

I hope you have a great and safe Labor Day. 


Be blessed,



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