Kindness Matters: Amy

We are bombarded on a daily basis with how much hate is in this world we inhabit. It’s scary to think some people thrive off of stirring up trouble, meanness, and hate. I try not to watch any news stations because everything is so negative. I try to not follow anyone on social media who thrives off creating drama. I honestly try my very best to stay as far away from meanness, hate, and drama as I possibly can. Maybe its not good to live in this little bubble I’ve somewhat created for myself and my family but I am a much happier person when I don’t hear all the negative stuff going on around me. I try to stay informed enough to know what’s going on, but I do my very best to focus on positive things.

As much hate that we see on tv, social media, or just experience ourselves, it’s nice to be reminded of the good that is in this world, because there still are good people in this world. Last week I received a package in the mail. When I saw the name on the envelope I immediately got excited. I quickly opened my package like a little kid on Christmas morning and inside I found a Starbucks gift card, and Rodan & Fields mini facial, and a card from my sweet friend, Amy. Amy is a mom of quintuplets as well! She and I have never met, but I can honestly say, she’s one of my most treasured friends in this whole wide world. We met through Facebook; we’re both in a quintuplet mom group. When I had my quints I only knew of one mom of quints so the quintuplet Facebook Β page was a nice place to go to ask questions and get advice. But I won’t lie, it was a little overwhelming. Something I learned quickly is that all of us families with quintuplets are different and we all do things a little different. And even though we have something special that connects us, all of our situations are different in some way or another. So I sat back and just tried to learn as much as I possibly could from all these other moms of quints. I desperately wanted someone who was in my situation to take me by the hand and help me navigate through this wild, crazy, and wonderful life with quints. I became Facebook friends with several of the moms and tried to get a feel of how their life was like with quints. Out of everyone, Amy was the one mom of quints that stuck out the most to me. She has an older daughter and older son, so she knew what it was like to have singletons plus quints, and she had the same girl-girl-boy-girl-girl combo as me (born in the same birth order as ours). Her quints are older so I knew she was a mom who had been there, done that, and could give me advice. But the biggest thing that drew me to Amy was how supportive and positive she was; she never came off as knowing it all, or her way was the right way, she always encouraged pregnant moms or new moms and I loved that about her. So, I sent her a message and asked her a ton of quintuplet questions and she answered me back and that was the beginning of our friendship. Since then we’ve had several conversations and she always makes me feel like I can do this and I’m going to make it through whatever stage the quints are in. She’s encouraging and so supportive and I am forever grateful for our friendship. I hope one day soon we will have a chance to meet because I’d sure love to give her a big hug and tell her thank you for everything she’s done to help me be the best quintuplet mama I can be.

Kindness matters y’all, it really does. So let’s all do our part and spread love today and everyday.

Thank you Amy for the encouragement, support, and your friendship. ❀️

Be blessed,


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