Weekend Recap

Hey y’all! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Ours was jammed packed with lots of fun stuff so let’s get started.

I got my hair cut and I’m loving my new do.

The kids love gymnastics. Here’s a few pictures from class.

Friday, Tom and I took Mia to Dallas for a routine check up with her GI doctor. He was pleased with her growth. She weighs 26 pounds now and in the 3rd percentile on the growth chart but she is making progress and we are excited!! The doctor is going to push her a little to start eating more and he said come springtime, he’s really going to push her, so if she responds positively, this time next year she could possibly be tube-free???? We shall see….. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. She’s such a little fighter and I know she’ll get there. ❀️ And while we were in Dallas, Paula met us for lunch and it was such a treat to visit with her. πŸ’—

As soon as we got home from Dallas I quickly changed and headed to watch some high school football. My nephew, Gage, is the quarterback #14 and my niece, Makenna, is a cheerleader. Unfortunately our Cardinals lost the game but as always, we are very proud of them!

Saturday Brant and Gracie ran errands with Meme. The other 4 went to play at Kristian’s. Saturday night Steven grilled and the kids enjoyed playing with Makenna and her friend, Rylie.

Sunday we went to church and celebrated Gavin’s 11th birthday (his actual birthday is Wednesday).

Friday was Brady’s 1/2 birthday and today is the quints’ 1/2 birthday so this week I’m going to be blogging about each kid and give everyone an update on how everyone is doing. I can’t believe Brady is 5.5 years old and the quints are 3.5 years old! 😳

Be blessed,


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