Thankful for My Village—Update on Gracie

I think we’ve all heard the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” There are many people who don’t agree with that statement, or who don’t like it’s message, but I think it’s perfect to describe my life and my family.

Every single day, I am reminded how blessed I am to have such a wonderful and loving support system, “my village”. Last week, when Steven and I were focused on Gracie and her surgery, our village stepped right in and took over the care of our other five kiddos. We left for Dallas Thursday afternoon. Steven’s mom, aka Meme, watched M, T, BL, & R for us. My sister, Kayla, brought Brady home from school for us. Our friend, Heather, came to help with the kids. After my mom got home from work, she and Heather loaded the kids in the van and took them to eat and then to gymnastics. Once they got home they got them ready for bed and put them in bed. Then my sister, Kristian and Gavin came to our house and spent the night with the kids. Of course a couple of them (M & R) refused to go to sleep so they went home with my mom (aka Nana) and spent the night with her. On Friday my mom and Kris got the kids up, fed them, and dressed them; they took Brady to school and kept the rest of the quints for the day.

A lot of planning and coordinating everyone’s schedule happened to pull those 24 hours off, but everyone came together and made it happen. And I can’t say thank you enough. They all gave up their time to take care of our babies while we were in Dallas with Gracie. They did everything like we wanted and that is very much appreciated. Our kids were loved, safe, and happy while we were gone and I am so grateful. I know they all were exhausted by the time we got back but no one complained. I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful “village” of people who love me and love my kids. God has truly blessed us with the best “village”.

I want to thank Teresa, Heather, Kayla, Kristian, and my mama for helping us out so much last week. We love you all so much and truly appreciate everything you do for us.

Switching gears, Gracie did so well while we were in Dallas. We left home around 3pm and arrived at the restaurant to eat around 6pm. We ate then headed to our hotel. It was her first time to stay in a hotel and she was loving it. She was running around the room and so excited. We went to sleep early because we had to be at the hospital at 6am for her surgery at 7:30am. Our hotel was only 5 minutes from the hospital so we didn’t have to get up extra early to drive in traffic. Everyone at the hospital was super nice, but poor Gracie was super nervous. It made me so sad to see her so scared, I was thankful when they gave her some medicine to calm her nerves. We were originally told that she’d have to stay overnight for observation but she did so well that we got to go home a couple hours after the surgery. I know a few of you may have missed when I blogged about what she was having done so I’ll try to explain one more time. The hole in her belly, where her g-tube was, never completely closed up after her g-tube was taken out. Since it was still, slightly opened, the hole would leak from time to time. So, the surgeon decided to put her to sleep and close the hole up from the inside. The actual procedure lasted about 15 minutes. She did really well in recovery and bounced back rather quickly. By lunchtime we were on our way home, and stopped to eat Tex-Mex. She did well in the car during our 3 hour trip and was so happy to be home and see all her siblings.

I’m so happy to have this procedure behind us and I’m very grateful Gracie did so well. Saturday she was up playing with everyone like nothing had happened, Sunday she went to church, and Monday she went on a field trip. She is such a tough little girl.

I know I’ve said it before, but Steven and I want to thank each and every one of you who prayed for Gracie, the medical staff, and for us. Your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes are so very much appreciated.

Walking into the hospital so early was very scary for Gracie.

Waiting to be called back. I took her blanket so she would be warm and feel safe.

The Child Life Specialist gave her this doll, let her watch tv, and even blew her a bubble train all they way back to the OR.

She did not like all the cords everywhere when she woke up.

Trying to eat a popscicle and drink some liquids in order to get to go home.

Showing everyone her IV.

We were all thankful to be leaving the hospital.

Grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading home.

Gracie was really nervous about the hospital but the one thing that calmed her nerves were videos from our friend, Janna, as well as her brothers and sisters. She loved watching the videos and smiled the whole time she watched them. The love that all my kids have for one another melts my heart. I’m so blessed to be their mama and to watch each one of them grow up into amazing little people. I’m so thankful they love each other and have each other to lean on during tough times.

Be blessed,


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