Weekend Recap

What a weekend it has been! There have been some good times but there have also been some tough moments.

Shopping with these crazy animals is always interesting. (Mia and Brant)

We went to the pep rally Friday. My nephew, Gage, is a senior and it was senior night, so he participated in a couple of skits. It was my favorite pep rally to date…everyone was so funny.

And the Cardinals won their second district game! 🏈

Brady was running fever when we got home from school and felt bad all night long so Saturday morning Steven took him to the clinic. He tested positive for strep throat. About two hours after his first dose of antibiotics he broke out in a rash. So Steven took him back to the doctor. He had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. He was given a steroid and a new antibiotic. He had a rough day.

Saturday night we went to Kayla's Halloween party (Brady stayed with Meme). We had fun but left early to get back to Brady.

Sunday morning, I stayed home with Brady while Steven and the quints went to church.

Sunday night was Trunk or Treat at church.

Be blessed,


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