Halloween 2017 Recap

Hey y'all! Welcome back! I don't know about the rest of you but this mama is exhausted. Halloween was fast, furious, and fun. Today I'll catch you up on all our Halloween festivities over the past couple of days.

Here are a few pictures from Kayla's Halloween party on Saturday. Mia was the cutest sea turtle ever! 🐢

Sunday, Steven carved a pumpkin.

Tuesday morning the quints had their Halloween party at school.

Tuesday afternoon, Brady had his Halloween party at school.

That evening we went trick or treating. The weather was nasty, it was cold with light showers. We only went to 12 houses and called it a night. But it was a fun night!

Our theme this year was Under the Ocean.

We had 2 sharks (Brady and Brant), a fish (Rayleigh), a lobster (Tessa), a very upset sea horse (Gracie), and a sea turtle (Mia). I was a whale (and Steven was supposed to be a whale– but instead was a party popper 😜).

Gracie and Mia were in bad moods and were not having anything to do with pictures. 🙄

And here's our loot!

I know this is going to sound completely crazy but I really want to dress the kids up again and try to get some good pictures. I'm really disappointed I didn't get a good picture of Gracie or Mia. Maybe I'll try again this weekend. 🤔

And now it's November! 😱
I seriously can't believe this year is almost over! And I'm happy to say, I've already started my Christmas shopping. And I've gotten quite a bit done for the kids! 🎉

Be blessed,


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