Life Lately

Hey y’all! I took an unexpected little break from blogging last week, I really didn’t have anything interesting to write about plus Steven was out of town so I was holding down the fort by myself. Thankfully my mom and Tom helped out.

FaceTime with Daddy makes everyone happy. 😄

Our Cardinals are heading to the playoffs!!!! They finished district as the second place team, which is really awesome considering all the injuries they had this season. Good Luck boys!

Friday our school had a Veteran’s Day program. All the kids did a great job.

This weekend Steven spotted a deer in our back yard which prompted him to go buy his hunting license, alone with the quints. 😂 That evening he and Brady were in the pasture behind our house, on the golf cart, and saw a deer. Steven wasn’t really sure about shooting because it was getting dark and late, but Brady told him to “shoot it Daddy; it would be awesome”, and of course Steven shot. So Brady’s first hunting experience was on a golf cart and they shot a deer! I think Steven has a future hunting buddy.

Things have been really slow and boring around here so here’s a few miscellaneous pictures full of cuteness. 😄

Be blessed,


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