Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

I keep seeing more and more people posting pictures of their Christmas decorations and I’m over here still loving my pumpkins and fall decorations. 😂

I love Thanksgiving and for me, it wouldn’t feel like Thanksgiving if I had my Christmas decorations up, but we’re all different and if putting your Christmas decorations out at Halloween makes you happy, I say go for it! But for us, we wait until after Thanksgiving. 🦃

So I’m going to show you something I started last year with the kids. I bought a burlap table runner (I got mine at Hobby Lobby). And every year, for as long as I can fit them, I’m going to put the kids’ handprints on the table runner, to show how they are growing from year to year. Tom (aka McCall) painted the pumpkin in the middle with the year Steven and I were married. This is a quick, easy, and cheap activity that you can do with your kids or grandkids.

The yellow didn’t show up well, next year I’m going to add some brown to the yellow so hopefully it’ll show up better.

These pictures don’t do it justice, it’s really cute in person.

And here’s a little throwback footprint art for you. This turkey canvas was our very first canvas to do with the Six Sweet Seals and has been and probably will always be one of my favorites. Just look how little their feet were. The quints were 8 months old when wee made this canvas.

I’m so thankful for all these special keepsakes we’ve made over the past four years, they are something I’ll always treasure.
Be blessed,


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