Brady’s Christmas Program

Last night we attended the Kindergarten Christmas Program at Brady’s school. This is an old tradition and something that we look forward to every year. Steven and I actually participated in this very same program when we were in kindergarten, so it’s very special to us.

Brady had two parts, he was one of the Christmas bells and he sang a solo. He did so good! I was beaming with pride the whole time he was on stage. I’m so proud of my big guy. 💙

Last night when I was getting ready for bed I started thinking about how well everyone did. It’s a big deal for 5 and 6 year olds to get on stage in front of a huge audience of mostly strangers and do their part. All of the kids were amazing and the program was very entertaining. 🎄

Here are a few pictures and videos of Brady doing his parts. Enjoy!

I had all the kids dressed in their Christmas best; check out how adorable they are. 😊

Brady looking all grown up and handsome.






So I tried to get a group picture since everyone looked cute. Gracie was happy and looked fabulous!!! AND Mia decided she didn’t want her picture taken. 🙄


We tried to get a family selfie….these were the only ones who’d participate. 😬

If that doesn’t make you smile and get you in the Christmas mood, then nothing will.

We are blessed with the most wonderful and supportive family!!! It meant so much to us to have everyone support Brady last night.

Brady and his teacher Mrs. Stewart. He loves her so much and we appreciate how much she’s taught him this year and for loving our special guy. ❤️

Mrs. Stewart and all her former kindergarteners. She has taught almost everyone in our family and that makes her extra special. ❤️

Be blessed,


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