Looking Back at 2017

I can not believe 2017 is over. Seriously, where did the time go? The older I get, the faster time seems to go, but this year went faster than usual. I wish I had a pause button so I could enjoy these days/moments a little longer.

So here’s a few moments that made our 2017 memorable.


This was our first picture 2017! Look how much the kids have changed!

We outgrew our beloved 6 seater table.


February rolled around and we decided it was time to potty train the quints.
It took around 2 months to get the girls fully potty trained. Brant has been pee trained for several months but just this month started pooping in the potty. So it’s official….. THE QUINTS ARE POTTY TRAINED!!!! Let’s all do a happy dance together!!! 😂

Valentine’s Day with my 6 sweethearts. ❤️

Sweet brothers. 💙💙


Makenna won Miss Maud. 👸🏼

Brady turned 5!

Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, and Rayleigh turned 3!!


The quints had their 3 year checkup. We are thankful for five healthy preemies.

Warm weather arrived and we started spending more time outside.


We loved cheering for our favorite t-baller. ⚾️

We were super excited when Rayleigh got her g-tube out! We are very hopeful that Mia will get hers out in 2018.


Mother’s Day— I’m so very thankful and blessed to be their mama. 💕

The girls got new beds.


The kids got new bikes.

Summertime brought about fun outings. ☀️

We bowled, a lot!


We had a blast in Dallas with Dave and Paula for Independence Day.

July was lots of fun from playing outside to watching episode after episode of Shark Week!


We celebrated Kara’s graduation.

I took a trip to Houston to visit my grandma.

Brady started kindergarten.

The quints started pre-k 3.


September was jammed packed with lots of activities from gymnastics to football.


In October we walked in the Race for a Cure, Brady lost his first tooth, and we had a fun Halloween (our theme was under the sea).


Football season came to an end and we enjoyed time with the family for Thanksgiving.


Steven graduated and we had a wonderful Christmas!

I look at how little the kids were when 2017 started and it’s amazing how much they’ve grown and changed in such a short amount of time. They aren’t babies anymore, they’re not even toddlers anymore, they are little kids now. Steven and I agree, this has really been a pivotal year for the quints. We no longer have to deal with the feeding tubes or pumps and everything that comes with that. Mia does still have hers but she’s not as dependent on it as she was a year ago. No more diapers!!! 🎉🎉 No more baby beds. 😢 It’s really amazing how far they’ve come.

And Brady is a big kindergartener now! It was a tough adjustment for me not having him at home with me everyday, but I’m incredibly proud of how well he’s doing in school. It’s amazing to see how much he’s learning; he’s starting to read!!

Steven and I just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. My how life has changed in 11 years. I’m so blessed to be married to my best friend. 💏

Well, that wraps up 2017! It has been a fun-filled year with lots of changes.

Happy New Year to you and your family!
Be blessed,


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