Brady’s Interview

Here’s a little interview I did with Brady. I asked him at answer questions about me. All in all, Brady knows me really well. Here's the questions I asked him to answer about me.

What is something I say a lot?

💙Brady: put that down (he’s spot on with this answer 😂)

What makes me happy?

💙Brady: pizza (this is random?????🤔)

What makes me sad?

💙Brady: when Brant hits me (when Brant hits Brady)

How tall am I?

💙Brady: 27 (🤷🏻‍♀️)

What is my favorite thing to do?

💙Brady: get hot chocolate (he knows me so well)

What my favorite food?

💙Brady: salad (I like salad, but probably not my favorite thing)

What's my favorite drink?

💙Brady: water with lime (the perfect answer)

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

💙Brady: Target (#truth. One can never go wrong in Target 😉)

Do you think you could live without me?

💙Brady: no

How do I annoy you?

💙Brady: nothing (trust me, he can annoy me 😉)

What's my favorite TV show?

💙Brady: football (they don’t get to watch cartoons when there’s a football game on….needless to say they are ready for football season to be over)

What's my favorite music to listen to?

💙Brady: no answer (this is hard because I listen to all genres of music)

What's my job?

💙Brady: watching us (yep! Best (and hardest) job in the world)

How old am I?

💙Brady: 27 (he earned some brownie points on this one)

What's my favorite color?

💙Brady: Red (❤️)

How much do I love you?

Brady: 100

This is the only wrong answer….I love him more than words can ever express.

Well, that was fun, and it really tells me a lot about how Brady sees me. He knows his mama well! 😃

Thanks to all my Facebook friends for posting this questionnaire- I enjoyed reading everyone’s interviews. 😊


Be blessed,



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