Don’t Feel Sorry For Me

Hey friends! So something has been bothering me, and I’ve decided that today, I’m going to address it. Those of you who know me personally and those of you who have gotten to know me through my blog, Facebook page, or Instagram know that I’m typically a happy person. I like happy stuff. I like positive stuff. I chose to be happy. Now, that doesn’t mean my life is perfect, trust me, my life is far from perfect, I am far from perfect, but I still chose happiness. Well, today’s post isn’t going to be all happy, but bare with me, I promise you I will put a positive spin on it!

So, a couple weeks ago, I was in the grocery store with the quints. Tom was with me, she had 2 kids in her buggy, and I had 3 in mine. I was almost finished with my shopping when a guy saw us and asked if I had triplets. I said no, they are quintuplets. And that’s when he said it….that awful statement that I get all the time from strangers….and I HATE IT! He said, “I feel sorry for you.” *Sigh*

I am not a confrontational person, I just laughed it off and kept moving along. But what I want to say to him and everyone else that tells me they feel sorry for me for having quintuplets is DON’T! Don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t want your pity. I’m mean seriously, what are they sorry for? In all honesty, they are not really sorry; how can you be sorry for something you didn’t do? It baffles me how ignorant people can really be, they just blurt out statements without even thinking about how the words coming out of their mouths are going to affect the other person.

How can people miss the fact that Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, and Rayleigh are amazing, beautiful, wonderful blessings from God? They are awesome little people. They are funny. They are sweet (most of the time). They are energetic. They are entertaining. They are unique. They are seriously 5 out of the 6 coolest kids I know! I’m not sorry I had them all at the same time, I think it’s pretty amazing. What an unique and exciting childhood they have, and such a special bond. I’m so honored God entrusted them (as well as Brady) to us to nurture, teach, and love. God knew what He was doing when He gave us our quintuplets. They are (along with Brady) our greatest adventure, and trust me, it’s a wild, crazy, loud, fun, love-filled adventure!

See I told you I was going to put a positive spin on this post! I don’t want people to feel sorry for us, I want them to be happy for us because we are so richly blessed.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for following along this amazing journey with us. Thank you for being supportive of me and my family. Thank you for loving us.

Be blessed,


~her children arise and call her blessed…Proverbs 31:28a


7 Replies to “Don’t Feel Sorry For Me”

  1. Girl you are simply amazing to me. Love ya so much. They might not be mine, but they are thru you and your family. Thank you for such an adventure. Keep up the good loving and excuse negative people.

  2. I don’t think his sorry was truthful to you. But reality about him and his love and amazement for his own children. IF he even has any. You are in love with your babies and even though it can be chaotic at times, they are a blessing! He needs to reevaluate his own parenting and relationship with his own children to see why he would even say something so careless and hateful instead of being in awe of what gifts you have received!

  3. You are so right, they are amazing little people, and a beautiful gift from God!! I admire you, you are a wonderful mother and a beautiful person! God bless you and your famoily.

  4. I’ve always thought how blessed your life was and would think how lucky y’all were!! I can just imagine all the love in that house, all the hugs and little kisses mommy and daddy get!!! So richly blessed!!!

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