We Have Results!

Happy Friday everyone! 😁

So my test results are back from all my tests and everything came back normal! Praise God for good news. I was really preparing myself for some tough news, life changing news, and instead, I got relief. I really thought I had multiple sclerosis (MS), but nothing showed up on all my tests. I’m thankful for the good news today. However, we still don’t know what’s wrong and that’s unsettling. So our next step will be to find a specialist in Dallas. We will try to get that set up next week. I’m still numb on the top half of my body. I took my last steroid infusion today and will finish my oral steroids and then wait. Hopefully all the numbness will go away, but for now I’m just thankful that my bottom half is better and I’m able to use my left hand more. Please keep the prayers coming. πŸ™πŸ»

And now I ask for prayers for Brady. For the past week he’s been complaining of his stomach hurting. We’ve been giving him medicine to help him have a bowel movement but he’s still experiencing discomfort. Yesterday I had to pick him up early from school because he was hurting. After he ate he felt better so we went to gymnastics but time we got home he was in pain again. So Steven loaded him up at 11pm and took him to the ER, while I stayed home with the quints. A X-ray of his stomach showed what we expected, he’s constipated. So now we’re giving him medicine to help him have a bowel movement. Please pray the medicine works and things work their way out. Bless his heart, he’s been so uncomfortable and we are ready for our big guy to feel himself again. πŸ’™

Thank you all so much for praying for our family. I know I’m on here constantly asking for more prayers, and you all keep sending them up! It truly means the world to us to know so many of you are praying. ❀️


Be blessed,



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