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Hey y’all! Happy Friday!

Anyone else desperate for some sunshine and 80* days?????? I am soooo ready for spring. My kids are in desperate need of the great outdoors. It has rained so much here in our part of the world that Brady is worried that God is flooding the earth again. Bless his heart. I tried to explain to him that just because it’s raining here doesn’t mean it’s raining everywhere, but that a complicated concept for him to grasp. Come on spring….we need you!!!!

Since I haven’t posted in a couple of days I thought I’d start with an update on my health. I am so happy to report that I am doing SO much better!!! My left arm is still numb but I can move it and I have complete function now so I’m very excited. I can deal with being numb, but not being able to use it was scary. Another HUGE blessing is that I finally have energy again! I have struggled for a month with having no energy whatsoever, but Wednesday I noticed I didn’t feel so drained. I’m so grateful to finally feel like myself again. Last week we got all my tests results back and everything was normal, another huge blessing! Our next step is to go to Dallas for a second opinion with a specialist. I have an appointment in Dallas next Friday, March 2. I am praying we can figure out what caused all this numbness so we know how to prevent it from happening again or treat it. So please keep praying.

Last week I was also asking for prayers for Brady, he was constipated. Well, the cleaning out process worked but he was still complaining of stomach pain so we decided to take him to his pediatrician today. Thankfully, he is no longer full of stool, but he is full of gas! So, we’re going to treat that and hopefully he’ll be much more comfortable. Thank you for praying for our Brady Boo.

We haven’t been busy lately, we’ve mostly been staying inside and trying to keep dry. Steven and I did manage to slip away for dinner last weekend. We went to church Sunday. Monday, Steven and Brady were off for President’s Day so I stayed home and cleaned house while Steven took the quints to school. Sunday and Monday were dry and warm so the kids played outside. And last night was our last gymnastics class. The kids have loved flipping on Thursday nights. Today has been been lazy day full of laying around watching tv.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Be blessed,



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