Under the Sea – Birthday Party

We celebrated the kids’ birthdays this past Saturday. And yes, I do one party for all six kids. Brady’s birthday is 3 days before the quints and I do not have the time nor the money to do two separate parties, so we do one big one. You know what, so far, each party has been wonderful. So, I plan to continue to have combined parties until they are too big for birthday parties and want to do something else.

The theme was pretty easy, Brady loves sharks, our Halloween theme was Under the Sea, the quints love the sea creatures they were for Halloween, so I just went for it. I found the plates and napkins last September on sale for $.20 each, so I loaded up. McCall (aka Tom) helped me plan and she made several of the decorations. I really wanted to simplify things this year so I only served cake. And I only had blue Hawaiian Punch and water for drinks. I really think everything turned out so cute. The cake was adorable, my friend, Sandi, made it along with the cupcakes and cookies. Thankfully the weather was nice and we got to have the party on our back porch and the kids were able to run and play in the backyard.

I found these gummy sharks at the local candy store and put them in the Hawaiian Punch.

I always find scrapbook paper that goes along with our theme and have guests sign; this makes a great keepsake from each party.

It was a fun day, in fact, this may just be my favorite party to date. I think the kids all had fun and that’s what’s most important to me. We appreciate everyone who could come celebrate with us. And now, I’m officially done with the birthday planning until next year!

Be blessed,



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