Life Lately

In case you missed it, I was having technical issues, this week’s memory verse is:

Jesus Chris is the same yesterday and today and forever. Heb 13:8

Life lately has been really busy! Right after Christmas there seems to be a lull in our life, then spring rolls around and our schedule picks back up. I still haven’t fully recovered from the birthday party; I’ve got so much organizing (aka Spring Cleaning) to do, but I can’t manage to find time without kids. Hopefully I’ll get a few hours all to myself in the house and can really clean out, clean up, and put things away.

Thursday, Brady along with some of his classmates made a presentation in front of the school board. He did awesome. I was so proud of him. As soon as we left the school board meeting we headed for the baseball field, t-ball has officially started!!!

He’s really started to look grown up. My baby is growing up!

Last weekend was busy. My grandmother (Mama Watson or MW for short) came in to visit. Naturally, I didn’t do any housework while she was here because I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her. She comes up to visit a couple of times a year so while she’s here I really try to devote as much of my attention to her. Steven is really good about watching the kids and letting us get away and do fun things together. One thing we did together was get my ears pierced, again. Yes, I got a second hole!!! We enjoyed lunches and dinners together. Saturday I attended a bridal brunch and then I attended a pageant. My niece, Makenna, was crowning this year.

Well, that about sums up what we’ve been up to lately. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Be blessed,



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