Brady @ 6!

Today’s blog post is completely devoted to Brady James. This is his 6 year update post.

His eyes are still blue and his hair is sandy blonde. He no longer wears toddler clothes. His shirts are smalls, size 5/6 and he’s wearing size 6 slim blue jeans. He is really small for his age. He’s one of the smallest kids in his class. He has lost 2 teeth (bottom front ones). He’s a serious kid, at home. He tries to keep the quints in line but that’s a pretty tough job for even us adults. He likes his alone time, the quints tend to get on his nerves. He doesn’t like to share his toys with his siblings but will allow them to play with him and his toys from time to time. I think his biggest problem with sharing is that the quints tend to mess his stuff up or don’t use them correctly and he doesn’t like that. He takes good care of his stuff and he doesn’t like them messing his things up. He loves all things sharks! In fact, he wants to change his last name from Seals to Shark, because sharks eat seals and he doesn’t want to be eaten by a shark. Haha. He is playing t-ball again this year and his number is #100. He has actually improved greatly from last year and seems to be understanding what he’s suppose to be doing on the field, as oppose to last year when he just stood around or ran in circles. He is very fast and takes great pride in his speed. He’s competitive. He went duck hunting with Steven this year and loved it. I think he’s going to be an outdoorsman. He also likes to go fishing with Steven. He loves playing outside. He likes to watch documentaries on sharks. He loves to tell me stories, he’s quiet talkative. He’s had a great year in kindergarten. He’s made friends well and loves his teacher. He has yet to have a bad day at school. And I can really tell he’s learning so much. He’s learning to read; it’s so exciting to hear him read his homework. Brady is such a sweet little boy with a big heart. He tells me all the time, “mama I love you sooooo much”. He loves to give me hugs and kisses. He melts my heart each and every day. He can be stubborn (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) and sometimes he has an attitude but most of the time he’s sweet, funny, and loving.

Here’s a little walk down memory lane…..

He was about a week old in this picture.

His first birthday party.

Love my #100!

I ask Brady the same birthday questions every year and I wanted you to get to hear he’s sweet little country voice. There’s no denying my boy is from the south!


Just in case you couldn’t understand him, here’s the questions and answers.
Color: red (he usually says blue, I don’t know why he has all of the sudden changed his mind)
Food: Rice Krispies (and Chick-fil-A)
TV show: shark documentaries
Movie: Hop
Things you like to do: go to movies
Place to go: Chick-fil-A
Things to do with siblings: play (they like playing outside together) He does NOT like to share his toys with them. He keeps his door locked at all times.
What do you like doing at home? Hanging out with mom and dad. He loves to be alone with us. He really likes having all our attention.

School Questions:
He’s in Mrs. Stewart’s kindergarten class. He like playing on the playground best. He likes playing with Britt, Jacie G, and Chloe.

He liked doing the high bars and balance beam in gymnastics.
His t-ball number is 100 (that is his favorite number). He likes racing everyone around the bases.

When Brady grows up he wants to be a marine biologist and work with sharks. He’s going to save all the sharks. And if you haven’t figured it out by now….Brady LOVES sharks! I can’t even count how many new shark shirts he has!

There are no words to explain my love for my Brady Boo. God knew I needed him and I’m so thankful He chose me to be this amazing little boy’s mama! Brady is such a blessing to our family. It is so much fun to watch him grow up and turn into a wonderful little guy. I pray he will always seek and serve God.
Be blessed,


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