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July Artwork

Hey y’all! Happy Friday!
So, it’s July, can you believe that??? I sure can’t, but it’s here nevertheless. So today I’m sharing with you the Six Sweet Seals’s July hand/footprint artwork. We went with a patriotic theme and they turned out so cute!



Be blessed,

Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day is this weekend and I wanted to share what we do for Steven instead of giving him a million cards. A couple of years ago I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew it was perfect for our big family. Instead of each kid giving him Father’s Day cards I bought a notebook and each year, each kid writes him a special message. Since our kids are too young to write I put their hand print on a page and write a little message about what each kid likes to do with Dad. This year Brady signed his own name and everyone had the opportunity to decorate their hands. As the kids grow and mature I plan to turn the book over to them and let them be creative and personal. I love this idea because instead of trying to keep up with tons of expensive cards, all Steven’s Father’s Day messages will be in one place.

Doesn’t this book just stream Father’s Day!?!? When I saw it, I knew it was the perfect Father’s Day book.
(I got the notebook at Target, 2 years ago.)

Steven also does this for me on Mother’s Day.

Be blessed,

February Art Work

This year I am doing individual hand/foot print pictures for each month of the year. Last month we did snowmen/snowprincesses. This month we did Love Bugs. Y’all, these Love Bugs are a piece of work. Seriously the most unique hand/foot print art we’ve done to date. When we first started doing them, I thought they were the ugliest things I’d ever seen, but now, I think they’re pretty hilarious and so much fun. Every time I look at our Love Bugs, I have to chuckle a little. πŸ™‚


Be blessed,


January Art

If you’ve followed me long, then you know how much I love hand/foot print art. I did it when I was a teacher and now I enjoy doing it with my own kiddos. I have a canvas for every season. I get excited every time I get to change out my canvases. Since I have a canvas for each season, I decided that for this year, I was going to make a small canvas for each month for each kid. I want to make sure we do some individual art projects so the kids will have something of their own someday.

For January, I did snowmen and snow princesses. They turned out so cute!


**And I want to say a special thank you to my amazing and talented friend “Tom” that does 99% of the artwork on all our canvases. She is amazing and I wouldn’t have all these special keepsakes without her help. Thank you Tom, we love you and thank you for always making our canvases cute.**

Be blessed,