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Seals Summer Theme Week & Weekend Recap & Father’s Day

So the main story of last week was the stomach virus. 😩 Steven was out of town for the week (and he was sick with the virus too) and I was home with the kids. Unfortunately all six kids ended up getting it before the week was over. In addition, almost every adult that we came into contact with also got the virus. 😣 Thankfully, I never got sick which is such a blessing. I had several people tell me that drinking grape juice will keep you from getting the stomach virus, I tried to get the kids to drink it but they wouldn’t, but I did and I never got sick, so now I’m a believer!!

Bug week was a bust, I just didn’t have the energy to do anything but we did manage to have a big picnic.

Friday night we let the kids swim in the pool for the first time. They had a blast.

We did have a bug theme picnic Friday night. 😊

Saturday morning Brady had his t-ball party at the splash pad. He wasn’t in the mood to get wet. 🙄 So he just hung out by Steven the whole time. But the party was great and we are so proud of the Rascals; we had a great first year of t-ball. ⚾️

Then we went to my family reunion.

And G fell asleep on Chayce like this.


Sunday we celebrated the awesome dads in our lives.  The day consisted of church, lunch, Steven writing a paper for grad school, church, and pizza.


Be blessed,

Hello Monday!

Hey y’all! Welcome back. I hope you had a restful and relaxing weekend.

Friday we took the kids to see the Easter Bunny at the mall. In route to the mall, Brady was talking about how he wasn’t scared of the Easter Bunny, but when we got there, he started to get nervous. Gracie was having a major meltdown and was holding on to Steven for dear life. The others were a little timid, but not my tiny little Mia, she was fearless, she walked right up to that Easter Bunny and gave him a high five. Once she did that, all the others followed her lead and gave the bunny a high five, expect Gracie. I was hoping Steven and I wouldn’t have to be in the picture this year, but that didn’t happen either. This Easter picture is too funny to me. I love how it really catches our family.


Having fun with the Easter Bunny wore Mia smooth out!

Check out her smirk after she woke up.

Friday night we stayed home, Steven grilled hamburgers, we ate on the back porch at the picnic table and let the kids play. It was a nice way to end a busy week.

Saturday, I was very productive and cleaned out the girls’ closet. I packed all the winter clothes up and filled their closet with dresses, dresses, and more dresses. Oh my word! I had no idea how many dresses I’d gotten the girls for this spring/summer. Needless to say, they are set on dresses. I still have a few more totes to go through but for the most part, their closet is ready for a while.

While I cleaned the kids had fun with their grandparents.

Sunday, Steven and I were able to get away after church and go watch Beauty & the Beast. It was nice to have a quiet and relaxing afternoon with my love. ❤️

That evening, we ate dinner at Kayla & Jeremy’s.

Last night right before we put the boys to bed, I walked in on this happening. These two little boys melt my heart. 💙💙

We’ve got another busy week ahead of us: class pictures, Easter party at school, and a t-ball game. I will be one exhausted mama by the time Friday rolls around, and you know what…I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in this world!!!😁


Be blessed,


Hello Monday!

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve written a Hello Monday post, now that things have calmed down from the birthday party, this seems like the perfect time to get back to my normal blogging. So, here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Steven got the playhouse set up and the kids love it! This was our birthday gift to the girls but as with everything, it ends up being for everyone. I hope we get many years of them playing in this playhouse.

I wasn’t feeling well at the end of last week so Friday I broke down and went to the clinic and got a steroid shot and a Z-pack for a sinus infection. I feel so much better!

I went consignment shopping this weekend! Got 10 items for only $104!!! I got 3 smocked dresses, 2 Polo shirts for Brady, a cute R dress for Rayleigh, as well as a couple of cute little summer dresses. I also sold some items this year so I’m hoping to get a little cash back in return. 🙂

Friday night we watched the Cardinals win their baseball game. We love supporting our Cardinals, especially our favorite Cardinal, Gage.

We love Camryn.

Saturday night we went out to eat for my stepdad’s birthday.

We got to visit with our little friend, Tucker.

Can you believe it’s April?!???? It just doesn’t seem like it should already be April. However, I’m so glad spring is finally here. I’m loving the warmer weather and all the beautiful blooms of bright green trees and colorful flowers. It’s always so nice when the kids can go outside and play rather than being stuck inside all day long.

We have a busy week ahead, the kids have a field trip, Brady has his first t-ball scrimmage, and I have to sign Brady up for kindergarten! I’m a little heartbroken about the last part, but it’s going to be okay. It just doesn’t seem real that he’s starting kindergarten in the fall!

Be blessed,


Hello Monday!

Hey y’all! Welcome back. Hope you had a great weekend. Ours was very low-key.

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of January! It went by so quickly. So today I’ll recap what we managed to do in January and I’m going to grade myself on how well I’ve kept up with my 2017 goals.

So, January was a big month for the quints, on January 5, we started potty training, all.of.them! After almost 4 weeks, I’m so happy to say, they are doing very well. I will write a couple of posts about  our whole potty training journey, but I want to give them a little more time to get it down before I declare we’re officially potty trained, but we’re getting sooooo close! Another big change for the quints was when we took the six seater table out and replaced it with their picnic table. They have done very well with this change. And probably a few days before January we moved Mia and Gracie into a room together, leaving Tessa and Rayleigh in their room together. This has worked out great for us, Tessa and Rayleigh are sleeping through the night, most nights. Gracie is also sleeping much better. And Mia, well, Mia is still Mia and likes to get out of bed, but she’s doing better at staying asleep during the night, even if she is sleeping on the couch (for some reason, she enjoys sleeping on the couch).

Brady got his new t-ball equipment and is so excited for t-ball to start.

So here’s how I’ve been doing on my 2017 Goals:

  1. Work smarter not harder.       Grade: C+
    1. So, I’ve been really working hard on being organized and keeping the house tidy. Overall, I’m doing much better than in 2016, but there is still lots of room for improvement.
    2. To help me stay organized I focus on one area each week. So far I’ve organized our junk drawer and Mia & Gracie’s room. Small things, I know, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely.
    3. I’m doing much better about staying on top of the laundry, which is a huge step in the right direction for me. Laundry is the devil!
  2. Study the bible more.              Grade: B+
    1. I have probably missed 1-2 days all month, but other than that, I’ve done great about reading my bible.
  3. Focus on friendships.             Grade: D+
    1. I haven’t done too well with this goal. But I still have 11 months to do better.
  4. Learn something new.            Grade: F
    1. I haven’t even attempted to learn something new. I still have to figure out what I want to learn….got to do better on this one.
  5. Live healthier.                          Grade: C+
    1. Eating- I’m doing horrible in this department of living healthier. I’ve got to do better!
    2. Exercising- I’m doing great in this department of living healthier. I’m walking 3 days a week now (2 miles each day). And I’ve done a few ab workout videos at home.
  6. Blog Goal- Write at least 3 posts a week.           Grade: A-

Well, that about sums up January for us. Nothing too exciting. I’m already looking forward to warmer weather so we can go for walks around the neighborhood and play outside more.


So long January…..see you next year!

Be blessed,


Hello Monday!

Hey y’all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Last Thursday completed 2 full weeks of potty training for the quints and I’m excited to say it is getting so much better! Just this morning, all the girls woke up dry (after sleeping all night) and Brant asked to go to the potty. It’s working y’all, it’s really working, I just have to remind myself to continue to be patient. This is a learning process more than a “training” process and everyone gets there at their own pace, so we will continue to practice and learn.

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

So last week, I posted about making a random birthday cake…well, here are the pictures of the kids eating the cake. They loved it.

Mia sure loves her Tom.

My little man, Brant.

Brady is playing t-ball this spring so Steven took him on Friday to pick out all his new equipment. He loves to wear his new backpack around.

Steven and I got to sneak away Saturday for a date night and grocery shopping. I’m so thankful we have such a big family that lives close by that loves to spend time with our kids and let us have some adult time together.


I attempted to take Valentine pictures today of the kids but they didn’t turn out so well.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Be blessed,


Life Lately

Hey y’all! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. For the first time since starting our potty training journey Steven and I felt comfortable to leave the kids for a few hours and run some errands. It was nice to get some time alone together because both of us were in desperate need of some time away from the kids and potty training. Over the past couple of days, the kids have been doing well with potty training. They are still having some accidents but we’re seeing improvement and that’s so encouraging.

We had a big change in our house this weekend. The kids outgrew our 6 seater table about 3 months ago but we kept using it because we couldn’t agree on what to get to replace it. Finally, we decided to bring their picnic table inside and that’s what the quints are going to eat at for a while. It’s the perfect size for all six of them. They have been so excited to have the new table.

Well, that about sums up what we’ve been up to lately…oh except I forgot to add that I’m still crying my eyes out over the Cowboys game yesterday. Such a heartbreaking loss. 😦

Be blessed,


Life Lately

Our life lately can be summed up with two words…..POTTY TRAINING! Yes my friends, we have started the daunting task of potty training the quints. This is Day 5 of our potty training journey. It has been a rough couple of days but with that being said, we are seeing improvement so we are very excited about that. I am going to do a blog specifically on our potty training journey once we’re successful so stayed tune. I’m hopeful that they will get it down within the next week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Prayers for patience would be greatly appreciated!

Be blessed,