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Hump Day Humor 

I haven’t done a Hump Day Humor post in a while so I thought I would today.

What to hear something funny??? I made the kids dentist appointments for 7:30AM  this morning!!! 😫 I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea. I’m thinking it would have been better to just sit in the lobby forever than to wake everyone up at 6:30. 🙈😬

Yesterday, Rayleigh locked all of us outside!!! Thankfully she unlocked the door before I had to go get our spare key. 😳😬

We went to watch Gavin and the rest of the elementary school’s end of year singing/dance program last night. It was all 80’s music and Brant was loving the music. He was dancing in the stands. I wish I would have gotten video of him but I didn’t.

And last night I attempted to get a cute picture of the girls in their “sweet” pajamas and, well, I’ll let you see for yourself how that went!

Happy Hump Day!


Be blessed,


Busy Weekend Recap

Hey y’all! Hello November! Can you believe it’s already November? I sure can’t but I’m happy it is because I love this time of the year. We’ve been busy; here’s what we’ve been up to….

My niece, Makenna, plays high school volleyball and they had their last home game last week, so I loaded the kids up and we went to cheer for her and the Lady Cardinals.

The kids had a field trip to a local fire station last week. While we were there the firefighters got called out so it was interesting to see them jump to action. The kids were a little afraid of everything but everyone had a good time and they really enjoyed playing on the firemen’s workout equipment. And while we were there, Uncle Jeremy stopped by to say hi.

After the fire station field trip, we took the kids to the park to play. It was the most beautiful day to play in the park.

Brant’s surgery was last Thursday. He did fabulous! He got his adenoids out and was suppose to get one tube in his left ear but once the doctor was in there and looked at his right ear, he decided he needed to replace that tube too so now he’s got two new tubes. Waking up from surgery was rough but thankfully his recovery went well. He got to spend a lot of time with Grandma since we had several things to do this past weekend so he was in hog heaven! Thank you so much for all the prayers!

We got our first Christmas catalog in the mail last week and the kids, mostly Brady, went wild! Brady has carried that catalog around ever since he got it and he doesn’t like to share it. I loves to look in it and tell us all the things he wants for Christmas.


We had a few errands to run last week and I took a kid or two with me, they love it when they get to get away from the house and their siblings and spend time with mama and daddy.

Since I didn’t get a group picture of all the kids at our field trip to the pumpkin patch, I decided to give it one more try. The pictures aren’t perfect, by any means, but at least everyone is in it, everyone is looking, and most are somewhat smiling…..that’s a win in my book!

Saturday was Brady’s last soccer game. The Jets had a great season and won several of their games. Brady improved a lot from the first game to the last game but I think it’s safe to say, he’s probably not going to grow up to be a soccer star! He would run the opposite direction from the ball and everyone else on the field, but the simple fact that he ran instead of standing in the middle of the field like he did during the first game was a big improvement and a win in my book!

After the game there was a soccer awards ceremony. When I saw Brady walk up on that stage to receive his trophy, I felt the tears starting to swell up in my eyes. I don’t know why I’m such an emotional mom but I am. Thankfully, I held it together but I really had to work at it. I guess a little bit of it is because we went through so much to have a baby and I’m so thankful God gave us Brady. Or maybe it’s because he’s growing up so fast. Whatever it is, I’m super proud of my big guy and I love him so much.

We have the most amazing and supportive family; after Brady’s game everyone went to eat Mexican food to celebrate a great soccer season.

Halloween was a blast and the kids were adorable. Fun was had by all!


And because today is Wednesday, I thought I’d throw a little Hump Day Humor into this post to make it extra-long for you! :)~

Well, that’s all I have folks….are you as tired from reading this as I am from living it??? Apparently the Six Sweet Seals are exhausted! lol

I have a busy, crazy, and fun life and I enjoy sharing it with you; thank you for reading about our journey and being so supportive to my family. We are so blessed to have so many people who love us, support us, and pray for us!

Be blessed,




Hump Day Humor

Hey y’all! It’s already Wednesday again…which means this work week is halfway over.

I’m always talking about how busy the kids keep us, but they also keep us laughing. I try really hard to take as many pictures as possible of the funny stuff, and even the not-so-funny stuff (at the moment) because those moments usually end up being some of the funniest and most memorable. I want to remember all these little moments that make my life so amazing. And I hope that by sharing these moments with you that you will see just how crazy, hard, and funny our life with 1 + quints really is…I never want to mislead you into thinking it’s easy and always full of fun things but I also think it’s so important to see how even the mishaps make our life complete.

So, here’s your weekly dose of Six Sweet Seals funnies…

These kids have a ton of toys yet they always like to get into the stuff they shouldn’t be in… And by the way, just because there’s always someone who has to make a crazy comment, no there is no water in the mop bucket! 😉

Chocolate is what gets me through the day. Some people live on coffee, but I live on chocolate…. Well, this is my view every time I grab a piece of chocolate now days. Do these kids not know I’m am eating chocolate for their health and well-being????                            (Just kidding….sort-of….lol) 🙂


Daddy’s little helper… Gracie Lou is such a Daddy’s Girl


I was changing a dirty diaper in the living room….and this is what happens. You can’t turn your back on them for one second!

Be blessed,


Hump Day Humor

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Hump Day Humor post. Besides being really busy, I’ve been forgetting to save my funny pictures for this day and would end up posting them with some of my other posts leaving me with no pictures to share. Thankfully, this week I made a conscience effort to save the cute/funny pictures for this post. So, enjoy!

Rayleigh…our little superhero and fashionista!

Tessa has the best duck lips. We get to see them often because she makes them every time she’s mad.


My little superhero was tired (Brant).

I am speechless when it comes to Mia…she’s a mess!

You see a cute little kid playing in some powder. I see a little stinker who has made a big mess that mama has to clean up as well as money down the drain because this isn’t just any powder, this is expensive prescription powder we add to their food to add calories. {Insert eye roll here.}

Be blessed,


Hump Day Humor

Hey y’all! Hope you’re having a great week. We have been enjoying the warm mornings, that’s when we go outside and play before it gets too hot, but for the most part, we stay inside for the rest of the day. We have been getting out the house more and doing fun things as a family. I love that the quints are old enough to handle getting out more.

So I know a lot of you have been wondering how life without pacifiers is going for the quints and the rest of us. I am going to do a post all about life after pacifiers, but until then, just know it has been a struggle. On different days, different kids have struggled more. Nap time has gone away for me, because since Monday, at least one of the quints has not napped. But, we will make it through this phase, we have made it through all the other difficult phases and this one won’t be any different. Hopefully, they will adjust and move on sooner rather than later. So thank you to everyone who has checked up on us, it really helps knowing so many of our friends, loved ones, and even strangers and rooting for us and praying for us!

Here’s a few pictures to put a smile on your face. Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Be blessed,


Hump Day Humor

Hey y’all!

So over the weekend, the quints had a little stomach bug. Well, they were oh so sweet and shared it with me. Yesterday I didn’t leave my room once. Today, it hit Steven. Everyone except Brady has had the bug. And let me tell you, it’s no fun. Thankfully it only lasts 24 hours so today I felt much better and took the kids to the mall to play in the playground to let them run off some energy.

Have a great rest of the week!

Be blessed,