Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Monday the kids had a field trip to the pumpkin patch. I have to admit, I was dreading this field trip. It is the first field trip for the quints and I knew it was going to be a lot of work. The pumpkin patch is right beside a highway and that makes me really nervous. Plus, I was going to have to split my time between the quints class and Brady’s class, since they are in different classes. Thankfully, Tom & Janna went with me and helped me keep up with everyone. Had I not had them to help out, I probably would have skipped the field trip. But thankfully things worked out and I’m glad because I want the kids to get to experience fun things with their classmates. I don’t want me being overwhelmed and worried to get in the way of them learning and experiencing new things.

They all had fun and here’s a few pictures to prove it!

Be Blessed,


Hump Day Humor

Hey y’all! It’s already Wednesday again…which means this work week is halfway over.

I’m always talking about how busy the kids keep us, but they also keep us laughing. I try really hard to take as many pictures as possible of the funny stuff, and even the not-so-funny stuff (at the moment) because those moments usually end up being some of the funniest and most memorable. I want to remember all these little moments that make my life so amazing. And I hope that by sharing these moments with you that you will see just how crazy, hard, and funny our life with 1 + quints really is…I never want to mislead you into thinking it’s easy and always full of fun things but I also think it’s so important to see how even the mishaps make our life complete.

So, here’s your weekly dose of Six Sweet Seals funnies…

These kids have a ton of toys yet they always like to get into the stuff they shouldn’t be in… And by the way, just because there’s always someone who has to make a crazy comment, no there is no water in the mop bucket! 😉

Chocolate is what gets me through the day. Some people live on coffee, but I live on chocolate…. Well, this is my view every time I grab a piece of chocolate now days. Do these kids not know I’m am eating chocolate for their health and well-being????                            (Just kidding….sort-of….lol) 🙂


Daddy’s little helper… Gracie Lou is such a Daddy’s Girl


I was changing a dirty diaper in the living room….and this is what happens. You can’t turn your back on them for one second!

Be blessed,


Weekend Recap

Hey Y’all! Welocme back!

What a crazy and busy weekend we had. Friday I went to watch my niece, Makenna play volleyball and then went to the football game to see my nephew, Gage, play ball and Makenna cheer. Our Cardinals came away with the win!!!

Race for the Cure was a huge success and loads of fun. As soon as the race was over, I loaded the quints up along with my mama and we headed to Brady’s soccer game. We got there just in time for it to start. Brady woke up extra early that morning and was super tired by the time the game started, plus it was really hot outside, which he’s not a big fan of, so needless to say, he didn’t do so well in the game. In fact, he barely played. The coaches kept trying to get him to go in but he wouldn’t. It’s one of those situations where we don’t know whether to push him or just let him be… He only has 2 more games left, so we are just hoping he’ll play more in the next games and help his team out.

As soon as we left his game, we went home and went to bed, me included. I was exhausted after getting home last the night before, getting up early for the Race, walking a 5K, and going to a soccer game. We just hung around the house for the rest of the evening.

Sunday was Friends & Family Day at church and it was SO wonderful to see so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ that I don’t get to see all the time. We had a fellowship meal afterwards then we spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching football.

Love watching Gage, #14 do his thing on the football field. We love our Cardinals. And Makenna was born to cheer.


Brant loves Ms. Holly Boo!

Modeling our Halloween pjs. Some of us like them and apparently some of us don’t.

Be Blessed,


Team Paula – 2016 Race for the Cure

Saturday was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and it was a great day. We walk for our friend, Paula, who is a 3 year breast cancer survivor. Last year, I took Brady with me and he had so much fun, but this year he had a soccer game that was going to overlap with the race, so he had to stay home with Steven, and the quints came with me to the race. I was worried about how they’d do, since we had to get up early, but my early risers did great. Three of them were up before 6am and the other two woke up in a happy mood when I woke them up. Our team has raised over $2,600, qualifying us to tailgate for the 3rd straight year which is nice because we have a great place to meet up with everyone and we have a place to leave all our stuff while we walk. This year Paula brought games for everyone to play and it is so much fun. The quints did awesome! They had so much fun. The weather was perfect. And we even made the news. 🙂 Every year just keeps getting better and better and it’s such a honor to celebrate Paula beating cancer. We have the most amazing team and I know Paula appreciates all the love and support.

Please continue to pray for all those affected by this terrible disease. Cancer, in general, is just terrible and I pray a cure is found very soon!


Please continue to pray for my friend, Jenny. She’s currently fighting breast cancer.

Be Blessed,


Hump Day Humor

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Hump Day Humor post. Besides being really busy, I’ve been forgetting to save my funny pictures for this day and would end up posting them with some of my other posts leaving me with no pictures to share. Thankfully, this week I made a conscience effort to save the cute/funny pictures for this post. So, enjoy!

Rayleigh…our little superhero and fashionista!

Tessa has the best duck lips. We get to see them often because she makes them every time she’s mad.


My little superhero was tired (Brant).

I am speechless when it comes to Mia…she’s a mess!

You see a cute little kid playing in some powder. I see a little stinker who has made a big mess that mama has to clean up as well as money down the drain because this isn’t just any powder, this is expensive prescription powder we add to their food to add calories. {Insert eye roll here.}

Be blessed,


Pink Out & Big Changes at the Seals House

Hey y’all! Welcome back! We’ve been busy at the Seals house. This past Friday was Pink Out day for our neck of the woods, so our whole family wore pink and supported some very special ladies in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Friday morning, we loaded everyone up and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Afterwards, we took the kids to the mall to play in the play area while Daddy ran some errands. They love getting out and doing fun stuff. I’m so glad they are finally to the age where we can do fun stuff with them, even if it is really hard work. We have had so much fun playing outside and enjoying all this beautiful fall weather. It is finally actually feeling like fall here in Texas and I am loving it. The temperature is perfect and the kids play outside for hours every day. I’m hoping this weather will stick around for several weeks before it turns cold. Brady had another soccer game this weekend. His team won! And Brady has decided he just wants to be a coach! {Insert eye roll here.} He did play and he did run but he was usually running away from the ball and away from where all the kids were. Bless his heart, he just doesn’t get it. But he’s participating and that is really all that matters to us.

So we’re going through lots of changes lately. I told you last week that Brant was having surgery this week to get a tube in his ear and adenoids out, well that has been changed to October 27. So that means Brant is going to get to participate in all the fun activities we have planned this weekend after all, which makes me happy. The Race for the Cure walk is this weekend so we’re really excited to get to participate in that and to see our friend Paula. We have an awesome team and we always have so much fun celebrating Paula beating cancer. Brady has another soccer game this weekend so as soon as the Race is over, we’ll be loading up and heading to the soccer field. And this Sunday is a special Friends and Family Day at church and I’m really excited to see so many people who I don’t get to see on a regular basis. It’s going to be a weekend jammed packed with fun, friends, and family!

Another BIG change that is happening right now is we have officially taken down our “baby” gates around the house (except the one around the fire place). Yes, I know, you are thinking we have lost our minds, and you’re probably right, we probably have, but the gates were no longer effective so they had to go. The only kids that couldn’t get over the gates were Tessa and Rayleigh so it’s really not much different now added them two to the other four that were always getting out with ease. We have been busy “quint-proofing” the house all weekend and so far, they are staying out of trouble. And I am so happy that I don’t have to step over those fences anymore! I tripped over them on a daily basis and it was so frustrating. On a positive note, the house feels so much bigger now! It is crazy how one little change can make such a big difference.


Bye-bye baby gates…for-e-ver!!!!

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel.


These two… 🙂


Family Photo

Please keep my sweet friends, Jenny and Buffy, in your prayers. Both recently found out they have breast cancer and both are in the beginning stages of treatments and procedures. They are both amazing women and I just want as many people as possible to surround them with love and prayers! And trust me friends, prayers work, just look at the six kids in this post and you will see that prayers really work! So pray, please!!!!

Fun at the mall!

Fun at the park!


5 years ago we announced we were expecting Brady!!! I can’t believe has been 5 years! What a blessed mama I am!!!! Love him so, so, so, so much!


The kids’ Halloween bags make me so happy!

Be blessed!



Hello Monday! (Only 3 Days Late)

Hey y’all! Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Saturday, Brady had another soccer game. I’m so excited to say he did so much better this week. He actually ran with the crowd finally, instead of standing in the middle of the field. It was a great improvement from last week! I hope he’s starting to get the idea of what he’s supposed to do. Thanks to the nice weather we’ve been enjoying, the kids have been playing outside almost all day long. I’m loving this nice fall weather and I hope it stays around for a while before it gets really cold.

Funny Brady Story: Are you in need of a good laugh? Brady and I had the funniest conversation yesterday morning, and it went like this….

Brady: You were in the hospital yesterday.

Me: No I wasn’t.

Brady: You were a long time ago.

Me: Yes I was.

Brady: Me and Daddy would come see you.

Me: You sure did.

Brady: Why were you in the hospital?

Me: I had a belly full of babies.

Brady: Why did you eat our babies?

Me: (laughing) I didn’t eat them, God put them in there.

Kids! They say the darnest things sometimes.

Sunday, my girls wore some very special dresses to church. These dresses weren’t expensive name brands or boutique dresses, they were from made from my grandfather’s church shirts (Bobby Robinson). He never knew about the quints, he passed away about 4 months before I got pregnant with them. I often think about what he would have said when we broke the news about expecting quintuplets, I can just hear him saying, “girl, I don’t know how you’re going to do it”. But he would have been one very proud Great-grandpa. To me, the best things in life can’t be bought. Papa’s Dresses are priceless and will forever be cherished.


Gracie Lou


Mia Danielle


Rayleigh Ann


Tessa Suzanne

Today, the weather was perfect for a walk at the park, so I indulged. It was 30 minutes of pure bliss and quietness. Just what this mama needed. I love, love, love my family, but I can’t tell you how much a cherish the quiet moments. I love when I get to be outside to enjoy God’s beautiful creation without having to talk or chase someone. There’s just something about a gentle breeze dancing across your face and the warmth of the sun on your skin to make you exhale and remember that everything is going to be okay.

Prayer Request: Brant has been sick for 2 months. He complains, on a daily basis, that his ear hurts. He’s been on 2 rounds of antibiotics, which hasn’t really helped. It has been breaking my heart to see him so miserable. Plus, he’s missed a lot of school because he runs a fever, and even though I’m pretty certain it’s his ears every time, I can’t take the chance of him having some kind of illness that could spread to his classmates. So, yesterday I took him to see the ENT doctor and his left ear tube has needs to be replaced. Also, the doctor said he needed to have his adenoids removed as well. So, next Thursday, Oct. 13, my sweet baby boy is going to have surgery to get a new tube and adenoids removed. While this is not a “major” surgery, it’s still a surgery and always brings about some anxiety to this mama. So please say some prayers this week for Brant, the doctor & medical staff, and mama & daddy too! We would greatly appreciate it! And I promise to keep you posted on how he does.

Brant…. I’m so sorry you inherited your mama’s ears, nose, and throat issues. 😦

And I know I’m totally bias but man he is so cute! Looks just like his Daddy. 🙂

Be blessed,