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Flat Seals Goes to Guatemala

Hello people!

Tom here. The Flats Seals and I spent a week in Guatemala for a medical mission trip and I’m here to give you a snippet of our fantastic week!

We traveled out of DFW straight to Guatemala. The flight was about 3 hours and the time difference is only 1 hour. We then had to take a bus from the airport in the city out into the mountains where we stayed for the week.

Our medical team consisted of around 25 people and included physicians, practitioners, nurses, interpreters, and techs. For the next 5 days, we traveled up-down-around-and through the mountains to remote villages to reach the most needy. We would roll into town, set up our stations, and get straight to seeing the line of people waiting on us. We had long, hard days but helping meet the needs of so many people (physically and spiritually) was a blessing that was worth every drop of sweat.

For lunch the villages would cook as sort of a ‘thank you.’ They brought their best and prepared it all morning. It was really good, even the Flat Seals liked it! Considering the chickens would walk around our clinic and then disappear, I would say its the freshest most organic chicken soup you’ll ever eat! 🙂

In total, we saw 1,258 patients, filled 4,114 prescriptions, gave 159 referrals to the next group that is coming for surgical procedures and making glasses!, fitted 132 pairs of reading glasses, gave 578 bibles, 690 gospel tracts, handed out 30 suitcases of shoes and clothes, and saw 250 professions of faith! WHEW! God is so good!

The last day, the medical team got the opportunity to visit the school and received 150 sweet hugs as a reward for our service. If a heart could burst, that’s the moment it would have. Thankful for this incredible week, the memories made, the family gained, the sweet souls of Guatemala and their beautiful country, and especially for our awesome God.

WHAT A WEEK! We enjoyed a movie on our flight home, arrived safely back to Texas, ate a good ole cheeseburger and we’re already daydreaming about our next adventure..


Be Blessed,


Flat Seals

I have another Flat Seals adventure to tell you about and this one is pretty special because it’s not a trip one of our family members went on, these pictures are of trips one of my readers went on and was kind enough to carry us along!!! How cool is that?!?!!

When Cindy asked if she could take the Flat Seals along on her vacations, I was so surprised, very honored, and excitingly said yes! Here’s some pictures from our adventures with the Dotson’s!

Cindy bought this album on the cruise ship and put all our pictures in it for us. And she was nice enough to label all the pictures so we’d know all the places we’d been.

The Flat Seals went to Illinois, New Orleans, on a Caribbean Cruise, Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel.

Thank you Cindy and Randy for letting the Flat Seals tag along on all your adventures. 


Be blessed,