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Brady’s First Rangers Game 

Friday, Steven and I took Brady to his first Texas Rangers baseball game. We had so much fun with just our big guy. Brady is a pretty lucky guy, his first game consisted of 4 Ranger homeruns, the Rangers won, and there was a fireworks show after the game!!!! ⚾️

I have wanted to take Brady to a Rangers game for a while. I love watching baseball and I have been dreaming of the day when I could take my own kid to a game. We wanted to make sure he was old enough to enjoy the game and hopefully remember it. Now that he’s five we decided he was ready. I knew we had to pick a game when it wouldn’t be scorching hot. So April seemed like perfect month. Thankfully, the weather turned out to be beautiful! We kept checking the forecast because it was showing a low percentage of rain but thankfully it didn’t start sprinkling until the last inning. And it didn’t rain long or hard so it worked out great. And we had the perfect seats along first base line; they were just under the upper section so we didn’t get wet at all. The fireworks started about 10 minutes after the game ended. Brady loved the fireworks.

Paula came to the game with us, which worked out perfectly because she was able to pick Steven up at the airport and bring him to the game. Steven was out of town all last week for work. It was so special having Paula with us for Brady’s first game. After the game, we spent the night with Paula, then left the next morning to go get the quints.

I’m so thankful we have such a big supportive family that is always willing to help us out with the kids. In a few years we’ll take the quints to their first Rangers game and that will be wild and crazy but I’m sure they’ll love it. I’m so thankful we were able to get away and have some fun one-on-one time with Brady. He’s such an amazing big brother to the quints and loves them so much but I know he also needs our undivided attention sometimes. And he loved having all of Paula’s attention too.

Arlington bound.

Stopped for a little pick-me-up.

All ready to cheer on the Rangers!

Seeing the field for the first time.

Paula always keeps me laughing. I love my friend so much and so thankful we got to spend some time together. Everyone needs a Paula in their life.

About 10 minutes before the game started Brady started saying he was ready to go home. 😩 But there were plenty of things happening to keep his attention; overall he did pretty good. I think he would have done great if he would have had a nap. But overall it was a success.

The fireworks were his favorite part.

Next day we left Paula’s, ate lunch, then headed home to the quints.

So many special memories made in just 24 hours. So thankful for this time with Brady; I will treasure the moment forever.


Be blessed,


Field Trip to Raindrop Hill

Am I the only mom who doesn’t enjoy school field trips? When I taught kindergarten and first grade I hated field trips. Too many things can go wrong when you have that many kids you are responsible for out in public; I was always a nervous wreck. Now that I’m a mom I still have that same dislike for field trips. If I just had one kid to focus on, it probably wouldn’t be so bad, but trying to keep up with six, well, it just becomes a game of counting heads, then recounting, and then trying to find the one or two who have wondered off. BUT, I remember as a kid how much I loved going on field trips and how much I enjoyed them so I put my big girl panties on, slap a fake smile on my face, and try to make the best of the situation.

Yesterday the kids had a field trip to Raindrop Hill. The kids had no idea what I was talking about when I’d tell them we were going on a field trip. I wasn’t too sure how this field trip was going to go and I’m happy to say they did fantastic. Of course I had Tom with me, Ms. Holly Boo, and the other parents helped out too and we didn’t have one issue. All six kids were a little scared at first but after a while they all seemed to warm up to the situation. They loved the animals and talked about petting the bunny all day. Here’s a ton of pictures for you to enjoy! 🙂



Be blessed,


Update on G-Tubes

This past Friday Rayleigh and Mia had a checkup with the GI specialist in Dallas. As most of you know, all four of our girls came home from the NICU with g-tubes due to aspirating and issues with feeding from being premature. Well last year, Gracie and Tessa were doing great eating on their own and the doctor decided they would do fine without their g-tubes. He was right, they have done amazing and have grown well on their own. This past year Rayleigh has started eating better and was using her g-tube less and less. At our last checkup in November I just knew he was going to take hers out too but she hadn’t gained enough weight plus it was winter and he doesn’t typically take out tubes during the winter months because that’s when kids get sick the most. I’ll admit, I was so disappointed. I guess I had convinced myself she was ready and he’d take it out and when it didn’t happen I was a little sad. But, God is always teaching me lessons, and the doctor was right, she wasn’t 100% ready and I’m glad everything worked out the way it did because when she had her tonsils removed we were able to feed her and keep her hydrated with the tube. After her recovery, we stopped using the tube and let her eat and drink on her own. She’s done well and on Friday the doctor decided she was ready to fly solo. I’m so proud of Rayleigh. She has come so far in 3 years.

So now Mia is the only quint with a g-tube, and that’s okay. Yes, I wish she could eat enough to be healthy and thrive on her own but she’s not ready yet, so we will continue to be patient and get her the help she needs to be successful. She uses her tube twice a day. She is offered 3 meals and at least 2 snacks a day; sometimes she eats well and sometimes she doesn’t. Mia has come a long way and I’m so proud of her progress. She’s such a tough little girl.

Mia in green…Rayleigh in pink.

As always, we’re so thankful to have our Tom.


Mia was loving life and so happy to keep her g-tube. Rayleigh on the other hand, was not happy about not having her tube anymore. I should have taken pictures before the appointment when   R was happy.


Mia’s facial expressions crack me up.


I finally got a few smiles out of Rayleigh at Pappadeaux.


My sweet girl has come so far and we are so proud of her.


Yummy crab cake.


Love these two sweet girls.

Please continue to keep Mia in your prayers. The GI doctor put her back on medicine to try to help with her appetite and so far it seems to be helping.

Be blessed,


Choo Choos & Tutus Birthday Party

For this year’s birthday party we went with choo choo’s – for the boys and tutu’s – for the girls. Brady loves trains, so of course, the quints love trains too. Because whatever Brady loves, they love too. I loved getting to decorate with lots of pink for the girls. (Now a little side note for anyone who is new to my blog…since Brady’s birthday is 3 days before the quints, we just do one big party for all six kids.)

I didn’t get too many pictures of all the decorations; here are a few to give you an idea of how it looked. And I’m really proud of myself, I finally figured out how to upload videos on my blog. I hope it works for you so you can see how everything looked and see the videos of everyone singing happy birthday to the kids.

For the food, I kept it simple this year. On the boy’s table we did cookies, Rice Krispies stop lights, pretzels, and red Hawiian Punch. On the girl’s table we had cupcakes, Rice Krispies, tutu marshmallows, chocolate covered strawberries, and water.

For the entertainment, we rented a bounce house with a slide.

This year, I made the party more about the kids so we only invited their friends from church and school. In the past it’s been mostly adults who have helped us with the kids, but now that they have friends, I wanted to make it about them and their friends.

The weather was gorgeous. All week, it looked like it was going to be cool and raining on party day but thankfully that didn’t happen and we had a beautiful day.

The kids had fun, they got tons of presents, and I think all the guests had fun too. It was such a special day to celebrate the two most important events in our lives, Brady’s birth and the Quint’s birth.  


And here was the aftermath….

It’s still so hard to believe Brady is 5 years old and Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, & Rayleigh are 3!

Be blessed,


The Quints are 3!!!!!

Y’all, it seriously doesn’t seem possible that my babies are three years old! What a fast and furious three years it has been. They have filled our lives with so much joy, happiness, chaos, frustration, lack of sleep, fun, craziness, but most of all love! It is truly amazing to get to experience raising quintuplets. I’m so thankful God picked us for this awesome responsibility of loving, teaching, and raising these five precious humans. I pray that they will all grow to know and love our amazing Lord and will always know how much they are loved by our family and our wonderful support system.

Here’s Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, and Rayleigh’s 3 year updates:

Mia Danielle– She is the oldest and she is the leader. She’s the toughest out of all six kids. She’s spunky, funny, and fierce. She loves to laugh. She is the only quint that still has her g-tube. Mia now weighs 24lbs and is the smallest out of all the quints. She still uses her g-tube twice a day. When she’s hungry she eats well, if she’s not hungry, she won’t eat at all.


Tessa Suzanne– She is the loudest of all six kids. She loves to sing, dance, and cheer. She keeps us entertained. She’s funny, loves to laugh, and is always in the middle of everything. Tessa is just a joy to be around. I can’t help but smile with I see her sweet little face. She now weighs 27lbs and is tied for the biggest quint. She is a good eater.


Brant Lee -He loves to dance. He is funny and very charming. He has great hand-eye coordination. She loves all things sports. He can dribble a basketball well. He loves to kick and throw balls. He enjoys playing outside. He has developed quiet the little attitude lately and will tell you off if he’s not happy. He doesn’t like for anyone to bother him! He now weighs 26lbs because he eats like a bird. He loves fruits and juice.


Gracie Lou – She was the smallest at birth and is now one of the biggest out of the quints. She is a Daddy’s girl. She’s strong-willed, determined, and silly. She loves to laugh and have fun. She is rather moody. If she’s in a good mood, she’s so fun to be around, but if she’s in a bad mood, stay away! She now weighs 27lb and is my best eater. She especially loves pasta.


Rayleigh Ann – She is the quietest of all the kids. She is independent, sensitive, and mischievous. And by sensitive, I mean she whines a lot.  She is a Mama’s girl. She can be very silly and funny. Exciting news, this past Friday, Rayleigh got her g-tube out! She now weighs 24lbs and is a pretty good eater.


Here’s a little bit more about all of them:

  • They all go to preschool and are in the 2 year old class.
  • They love going to church.
  • They love playing outside.
  • They will watch a little bit of tv but don’t like sitting in front of a tv all day.
  • They play well with each other. The boys pair off (big brother Brady and Brant) but the girls will play with whoever, we haven’t noticed any two girls favoring each other yet.
  • They love to get out of the house. We go to the park when it’s pretty. They enjoy playing at the playground at the mall and Chick-fil-A.
  • We haven’t sheltered them as much this year as we have in the past, due to being premature and having premature immunity systems. They are kids on-the-go now.
  • They’ve enjoyed going to Cardinal football, volleyball, basketball, and baseball games.
  • They all love to sing songs they’ve learned at church and preschool.
  • They love playing with Paw Patrol toys.
  • They love bubbles.
  • Rayleigh and Tessa are our best sleepers and still sleep in their cribs. Most nights, they sleep all night.
  • We converted Mia and Gracie’s cribs into toddler beds and neither of them will sleep in them. Mia demands to sleep on the couch and Gracie wants to sleep on the floor most night, sometimes we can get her to sleep in the bed.
  • Brant and Brady now share a bedroom and they both sleep together in a full size bed.
  • There is never a night where we don’t have at least one maybe two kids in bed with us, usually Mia, Gracie, or Brant.
  • For the most part, they are all 5 potty trained. Mia and Brant still have problems pooping in the potty but other than that everyone uses the potty.
  • Potty training was really tough for the first two weeks. We had lots of accidents and hardly ever got out of the house. After two weeks, they started to catch on with the occasional accident. We have very few accidents anymore.

Be blessed,


Brady is 5!!!

It’s still not real to me that Brady is 5 years old. It’s surreal that we’re to this point in his life. I won’t lie, this is a hard birthday for me. This is the end of the toddler stage. He’s a little boy now. In the fall he’ll start kindergarten and that seems so crazy to me. He’s had 2 years of preschool but kindergarten is the real deal. Kindergarten is that first big step toward independence. He will make friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. He will slowly depend on me less and that’s a hard concept for me to grasp.

Nevertheless, I’m excited for this phase of his life, I know we’re going to have so much fun together. He’s starting T-Ball this spring and I can’t wait to watch him.

Here’s Brady at 5:

  • He weighs 36lbs.
  • His hair is blonde and his eyes are blue.
  • He loves playing with his Paw Patrol toys. And he still likes playing with  Thomas the Train.
  • He loves to watch Curious George, Octonauts, Paw Patrol, Big Hero 6, Toy Story, and Minons.
  • He loves to go to school. He has learned so much and loves his teachers.
  • He is loud.
  • He loves to play with Brant.
  • He loves to visit his grandparents.
  • He’s funny.
  • He’s silly.
  • He’s so loving.
  • He’s got a great memory.

My handsome little guy.

We wanted to make his birthday special and all about him. Steven took off at lunch to spend time with the birthday boy. Steven and Brady went to the movies to see Rock Dog. Then I met them at Road house and we had dinner (my mom and stepmom kept the quints for us). Then we went to church. It was an amazing day celebrating my big 5 year old. 💙

Us 5 years ago…..

Birthday breakfast on his birthday plate. But he didn’t want to blow out his candle so Brant helped out.

He loves his new Paw Patrol Jeep.

At the movies with Daddy.

Dinner at Roadhouse.

Happy birthday Brady! I love you more than words can express. ❤

Be blessed,


Life Lately

Hey y’all! So blogging has a bit of a chore lately and that’s why I haven’t been updating like I usually do. Let me explain…it’s all Steven’s fault! 😉 See, Steven is in grad school, and for one of his classes this semester he needed to make some updates to our computer. Well, when he updated everything, it completely messed up our pictures. In fact, we thought we had lost our pictures at first, but thankfully he found them. Unfortunately, now I’m having a hard time uploading my pictures to my blog. *Sigh*

So, we’ve been doing well. We had some nice warm days so we took full advantage and played outside. We gone to the park, enjoyed picnics in the backyard, and gone walking around the neighborhood. It’s been really nice to get outside.

I can’t believe February is over! Here’s how I did with all my goals for the month of February.

  1. Work smarter not harder.            Grade: A
    1. I’m learning to depend on my support system more and not trying to do everything myself. God has blessed me with the most amazing support system and I’ve leaned heavily on them these past 3 years since being on bed rest and welcoming the quints into our family. I’m so thankful to everyone who always help me with the kids and allow me to keep my house in order and give Steven and I time together without the kids.
  2. Study the bible more.        Grade: A
    1. I teach a bible class at church and we are starting our new quarter. I’ve been studying for the new quarter on the book of Acts and I’ve learned so much.
  3. Focus on friendships.       Grade: B
    1. I reached out to a few friends this past month and sent a little care package just to let them know I appreciate their friendship and to let them know they are loved. My goal is to continue to do some random acts of kindness for my friends.
  4. Learn something new.     Grade: D
    1. I really haven’t done anything in this department, but last month some of my friends thought I was too hard on myself so I’ll be a little more positive and say I’ve learned out to potty train quintuplets this past month! I plan to blog on potty training very soon.
  5. Live healthier.       Grade: A+
    1. Y’all I’m so proud of myself. I have been working out 4-6 days a week this month! A couple of weeks ago and friend of mine who is a mom of sextuplets asked me to participate in a group with ladies who’s goal is to live healthier the right way. We have a devotional book and we’re focusing on our relationship with God while making better and healthier lifestyle decisions. I’m feeling so much healthier!
  6. Blog Goal.     Grade: C
    1. Since all the updates to our computer took place, I haven’t been blogging as much. Hopefully I figure out how to get my pictures to upload and will get back on track.

And now, it’s the Six Sweet Seals’s birthday month!!!! Next week we will celebrate Brady’s 5th birthday and Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, and Rayleigh will turn 3 next Saturday! It’s so hard to believe we’re about to have a 5 year old and FIVE 3 year olds! I’ve been working very hard getting ready for their birthday party. I’m so excited for the big day. I’m hoping the weather is nice and we have a fabulous day celebrating these six precious blessings.

Be blessed,